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What is deal between Catholics and Protestants?

I'm and Anglican and it's very similar to the Catholic Church, but why has there been wars and violence between the two?

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    The Protestant Movement started with Martin Luther who said the Catholic religion had become too corrupt and decided to change that with his ideas of what Christianity should be - in the end, he created the Lutheran Church.

    Part of what Luther said was that everyone should be allowed to read the bible, and he was the first to make the bible in other languages so that the common person was able to read it. Because of this, there started to be more interpretations of the bible. When one person interpreted the bible and found a following, it often became a sect, such as Calvinism, or Baptists, or Anglicans which all fall under the broad category of Protestant religions.

    The main difference at the time between Catholic and Anglican religions was that divorce was allowed for Anglicans. This was because King Henry the Eighth invented the Anglican religion as a way to get rid of his wives, instead of killing them when they could not bare him a son. Then, it was pretty much Catholic but with the addition of divorce as well as King Henry the Eighth made the King of England the authority of the religion instead of the Pope. However, because of this, the Kings son and daughters later changed the religion because they were the authority after his death. Over time, it became the religion it is today.

    The main difference between Catholics and Protestants are simply interpretation of the Bible. Catholics also believe the Pope is the authority of the religion, while most Protestant religions believe the bible is the only true authority.

    Basically, there is the Catholic faith, and then there is the branch of Protestant religions - all are of the Christian faith however their specific beliefs are different.

    Source(s): University level Christian thought and history courses.
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    Its a long story.

    The short version is that the Catholic Church became decadent and power hungry. Many very devout Christians (Catholics) sought reform but were denied at first with papal commands then later with violence. The schism worsened and lead to hundreds of years of horrible wars.

    The ironic thing is that shortly after the first schism the Catholic Church agreed that they needed reform and enacted many positive changes. Unfortunately, the changes did not match what the Protestants had fought for, so the schism was never resolved.

    ADD: Catholics, Protestants, Anglicans, etc are ALL a type of Christian; different sects broke away from different main branches at different times, but they are all just different flavors of the same belief system.

    Non-denominational sects are a NEW thing and have only been around for 50 to 100 years.

    Even non-denominational sects do not always agree and have sectarian differences. Though they say that they have not dogma or interpretation it is IMPOSSIBLE to take a thrice translated book written 2000 years ago and apply it to the modern world without doing some interpreting.

    Source(s): Non-Abrahamic Theist. All you one-way one-godders seem about the same to me.
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    Henry VIII of England got into disagreement with the Pope of Rome, so he demanded a separation from the Catholic Church and called it Anglican. They are basically the same and similar, but the head of the Church is not the pope in Vatican but the king of UK (I presume?)

    From then onwards, some of the rites are slightly different, but none so drastic. Both of them worship Jesus and the Trinity alright.

    The wars and violence you were talking about were presumably dated back in the middle ages, where religion is forced on the conquered areas, or something like that. I believe there is none like that these days, other than hate speech?

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    What the violence and war in Ireland has to do more with British rule and the Brits telling the Irish how to worship God.

    Also Catholics don't believe in divorce.

    Protestants don't believe there should be a pope.

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    Those who were known as "Protestants" were persecuted afted discovering the difference between biblical truth and man-made doctrine. The Catholic Church will live in infamy just like any other religion, including Protestants, because of this. The Catholic Church has always been a defender of the Christian faith. But, I see no Christian-like reasoning for it. It's modern image is one of idolatry toward Mary and the Saints, as well as sheer arrogance toward all other Christian denominations.

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    Catholics believe they have the power to change laws of the Bible and that the "church" is the ultimate authority not the Bible. They also believe that you must go throught Mary as a mediator to pray to Jesus. Christians believe that we can go boldly to the throne of God. We pray to God and Jesus. Catholics also believe that the Pope is God's represenative on Earth. Protestants do not.

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    Anglicans! always stirring up trouble, trying to get the other two to fight each other. Case in point! Way to go Murphy! or is it really, McMurphy!?

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    personally if they are not against me they are for me. we as Christians need to band together and stop worrying about vain mysteries (like whether or not Adam had a belly button BTW I realize this is not a Catholic thing but my point is the same) we need to stop fighting amongst ourselves and start fighting our TRUE enemy.

    Source(s): protestant who loves Jesus
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    Those battles had nothing to do with the difference in Church or faith. They everything to do with greed, land, etc.

    Christians belong to many churches with many titles but the deal is that we true Christians love each other and we serve God we love Christ and we follow his will.

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    Anglican is catholic.

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