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what fishing knot do you use?

wat kinds of knots do you use for-

drop shot


spinner baits

inline spinners



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    For crankbaits and inline spinners I use a loop knot this particular one is called a rapala knot

    For the others you mentioned I use this

    The purpose of a loop knot is so the knot is not restricting the action of the bait. On certain lures you don't want the knot to move around so you use the second one

    For more info email me

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  • rappa
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    4 years ago

    i could attempt the Pitzen knot i exploit that one for salmon fishing and it hasn't permit me down for 4 years now when you consider that i first discovered it. however the enhanced clinch knot is nice to yet that pitzen knot communicate approximately sturdy. And are you particular it is your knots that harm perhaps you have previous line or undesirable line and knots rather are not meant to come returned undone. I positioned a hyperlink on the thank you to tie the Pitzen knot under of direction it has an upload on the beginning up however the coaching is after the upload. And in case you will fish for great fish with heavy line it would not permit you comprehend to do 5 or 6 wraps for heavier line like 15 to 30 pound attempt it is the dimensions of strains i exploit for salmon and the 5 or 6 wraps on heavy line works and this knot is enormous. i'm hoping you could stick to the video appears like the guy is a splash dexterity challenged purely a splash.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    I second the Palomar knot. It is simple and does not nick the line up at all. It may be hard to tie this will little openings though. When in doubt, just put a dab of superglue on the knot.

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    Palomar is the knot I use 98% of the time. I use a "tweaked" improve clinch knot when spooling my reel with new line. I use a uni to uni knot for tying leader to main line.

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    I found the polymer knot to be effective. I'll also use a knot of my own making for light line.

  • nonono
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    1 decade ago

    i use palomar knots for most of those except for drop shot, and sinkers, because i never use them. for tying to eyelets that i can't pull the line through twice, i use the improved clinch knot. for joining, two lines, i have been using the surgeons knot.

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    i use the polomar knot in any situation i trust that knot and has been very succesful for my ever since ive been using it (2 years) hope this helps good luck good fishing

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    I use the polamar knot.

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    i use the palomar for every bait as long as its braided line. if im using flouro (6lb for them eagle eyed trout)i just use the ole tried and true 6 turn "fishermans knot. i loop the line through the eye twice to give it more contact area, wrap the free end around the running end 6 times, back through the bottom loop (by the hook eye), then through the top loop give her a tug, slobber on it to make it cinch tight, then finish it off.

  • dumdum
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    Crank baits- Rapala knot

    spinner baits- trilene knot

    inline spinners-trilene knot

    hooks- trilene knot

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