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My cat sleeps ontop my closed laptop? Will this hurt my computer?

My cat is maybe 8 pounds maybe a pound more or less. He likes to sleep on my laptop I have an acer aspire one (pretty small) do you think this will hurt my laptop? I've tried stopping him my cat doesn't listen ever so what do I do? I really just want to know if he will harm it. Its closed by the way when he sleeps on it.

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    Shouldn't hurt the laptop but if you get a virus on your PC the cat may be in danger! Perhaps the cat has decided to sleep on the laptop so the mouse cannot escape!!

  • 3 years ago

    the only difficulty i will see occurring is the cat hair and dander which will possibly locate its way in the process the pc's vents and at last reason overheating issues. (perchance the cat is conscious this and is hoping for any even warmer place to sleep!) I take it you do no longer possibly techniques the cat doing this or you're able to positioned the pc someplace the cat could no longer get to it. If it rather isn't conceivable and you desire to coach the cat to no longer lay on the pc, in basic terms place quite a few products of scotch tape sticky component up on the lid and while the cat gets into the tape (it won't injury the cat) the cat gets discouraged removing the tape genuine rapid. I had to do this to maintain our cat from leaping onto a night stand the place she stored stepping on a clock radio and turning it on! It in basic terms took a pair of classes with the scotch tape and he or she stayed off the night stand.

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    I don't see how a little weight can harm a closed laptop =) Like placing a book on it?

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    I doubt him sleeping on it while it was closed will harm your laptop, just don't let him do it when its open, haha. Take care! ^_^

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  • 1 decade ago

    it might scratch it.

    you can put the computer in a closet

  • nah ur laptop will be ok

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