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How do i keep up my jazz wave deep wave weave! help!?

Okay so i am not a professional when it comes to hair or weaves. I have a sew in weave 12 inches and its with jazz wave deep wave hair. When my stylist did it a week ago she just sewed the tracks in and i have not wet it because i liked the dry look of it. As a few days passed and me laying around on my head the hair is starting to frizz some on the top. Is there a way to keep the curls without wetting them right away, because i have had this hair before and i went about 1 week or 2 with it dry,,then i begin to wet it and apply Pantene conditioner for curly hair and i used this just about everyday, but i noticed that once the wet hair with conditioner got dry it would then frizz. Is there anything i can do to keep the curls full and not frizzy when wet or dry and how do i keep it shiny. what products are best for me. im kinda simple when it comes to products even with my own hair. any hair stylists know the way i should do it? plus im going out of town in 3 days i need help asap!

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    U can use this website: its very helpful to me because I use it ALL the time to recieve a certain style i want.

    P.S.: search for local shops nearby on this site also, at least thats what i do.....GOOD LUCK GURL


    also why not getting a COLD FUSION method weaving??? No glue, no Heat, only 4 hr process and last up to 3-4 months

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    Jazz Wave Hair

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    you could try those balm things. no, that's not what it's called.... well, it's like this stiff thing in a container that you can usee to define and maintain curls. i'm sorry, i lost the name of the product. it's rather cheap though you could find it anywhere from walmart to any good hair salon. :D

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