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ipod classic games???(or should i get the itouch?)?

Iv'e been thinking mega hard about getting an ipod classic (the new one not the old one) or an itouch.

i like the ipod because of all the great space

i like the itouch because of the cool touch screen and the cool looking apps and games

does the ipod classic have some fun games???

can you tell me the name of some free ones please and some of you personal favorites?

also my friend has and ipod classic and she had a sims game on it (dunno if it was sims1 or sims2) do you have this game? is it fun???

thanx im in a real fix....who knew trying to buy a decent electronic could be so hard!


also what does it mean to sync your ipod??? how do you do that??

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    I personally like the Ipod Touch for many reasons.

    1. the games on it are unbelieveable they use the Ipods features like the acceleromiter, and touch pad making alot of the games very fun and provide hours of entertainment.

    2. I've made a list of my personally recommended apps for Ipod touches on my blog:

    3. There are way to many free games for the Ipod touch to list off. just test them out and their very easy to delete off the Ipod.

    4. There are sims games for the Ipod Touch like SimCity,Virtual Villagers, and coming out in june The Sims 3 will be released for the Iphone, Ipod Touch, and mac.

    5. Syncing your Ipod just means putting Music, Movies, Apps, and Photos on your Ipod from your computer. When you get your Ipod in Itunes there's a couple of ways to do it. you can either go to devices and select sync or just go File --> Sync "Your Ipod"

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    Well dude i look at it like this. The iPod does not come with any free games but the itouch does. Just go to the app store and see what you find. I think that my fav would have to be the Tap Tap Revenge 2 (free). i dont have that game but i am sure what eva she paid for it. it is the same price in the App store. Go with the iTouch dude. 8 is good if you dont have that many song the 16 is over all good. (what i have) a 32Gb is big. Go with the 16 (if you can) the 8 is alright

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