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good ideas for leaflets and brochures to sell photography services!!?

I'm actually helping a family member get more work, she is a freelance photographer for all types of occasions and i'm doing her advertising for her. I myself am a bio med scientist and do not know much about photography, so i'm looking for some tips on how to sell photography services successfully.....

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    Well, first step is to make sure the leaflets and brochures have high quality sample photographs that your family member has personally taken. Not too many though! Pick the best 3 or 4 that highlight all the different areas of photography she's looking for business in (ie: weddings, kids, families, models, etc).

    Don't be obnoxious and put fliers on people's cars. Not only is it littering when they throw them to the ground, but it's just kind of annoying. Instead, travel around town to various hair salons, nail salons, etc and ask if you can leave some leaflets and business cards near the waiting area. The majority of people who book photo shoots are women, and oftentimes they'll look through your brochure while they're waiting. It's all about demographic. :)

    Hope this helps! Good luck!

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