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Christians in Entertainment?

And I don't mean the conservatives who go around giving the Faith a bad name by condemning people, rather than doing what the Bible says about loving one another as you would love yourself (yes Virginia, there ARE Liberal Christians).

But anyway, what I was wondering is this - again I'm a Christian myself, and I'm in entertainment (amateur for a while, slowly working into it professionally), but it seems like outside of like VeggieTales and televised sermons on public access cable networks that Christians in entertainment are few and far between. I've heard that the late Jim Varney (Ernest P. Worrell) was a Christian, and that his last words before he died were "I want to go home (Heaven), I'm ready." Reading The Complete Book of M*A*S*H, Gary Burghoff (Radar O'Reilly) mentioned how his decision to leave the show because of burnout was based on his Faith. I understand Pauley Perrette (NCIS) is a Christian as well. I've heard rumors that Tom Bergeron (everybody's favorite TV host) was Catholic, but reading his book, he says he's agnostic.

Again, just curious as to who other Christians in entertainment are; I remember hearing of an inspirational book of anecdotes from Christian celebrities (including Gary Burghoff) was in the works years ago, but I don't believe it ever was released.


Impressive lists from everybody; I feel bad I almost forgot about the likes of Andy Griffith and Stephen Baldwin, though I am surprised to see certain names on the lists - I always had assumed Tom Hanks and Olivia Newton-John were Scientologists, while at the same time I thought Jack Nicholson was Jewish, lol.

I like all the answers for this question, so I think I'll let others vote for the best.

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    I guess a big one right now is Kirk Cameron. His sister Candace is also Christian. TD Jakes is a preacher, but has also produced "Woman Thou art Looosed" and "Not Easily Broken". Tony Dungee, the coach, is Christian.

    Oh well actually, here you go, I just googled it.

    Willie Aames - former actor ("Eight is Enough") turned "Bibleman"

    Corbin Allred - actor, "Robin Hood: Men in Tights"; "Teen Angel"

    Billy Barty - actor, famed "Little People" activist, "Willow"

    Jusine Bateman - actress

    Gary Burghoff - actor ("Radar O'Reilly" on M.A.S.H.)

    Gary Busey - actor

    Kirk Cameron - actor, "Growing Pains"

    Carl Clarfalio - actor ("The Thing" in Corman's FF film)

    Lacey Chabert - Actress from "Party of Five"

    Anna Chlumsky - Actress

    Deezer D - Actor on "E.R.", Christian rapper

    Anne B. Davis - "Alice" on the Brady Bunch

    Clifton Davis - movie star

    Hazel Dawn - movie star

    Laraine Day - movie star

    Mark Deakins - actor ("Star Trek: Insurrection", Axum on "Star Trek: Voyager")

    Donna Douglas - actress ("Ellie May Clampett" on "Beverly Hillbillies")

    Roma Downey - actress on "Touched by an Angel"

    Robert Duvall - actor

    Aaron Eckhart - movie star ("The Pledge", "Erin Brockovich", "Possession", etc.)

    Dale Evans (1912-2001) - actress

    Kim Fields - actor, "Facts of Life"

    Rhonda Fleming - movie star

    Mel Gibson - movie star

    Ryan Gosling - actor ("The Believer", Hercules on "Young Hercules")

    Andy Griffith - actor, "Andy Griffith Show"

    Charlton Heston - actor, "The Ten Commandments"

    Tom Hanks - movie star

    Dean Jagger - movie star (Academy Award for "Twelve O'Clock High", etc.)

    Dean Jones - movie star

    Danny Kamekona - actor (popular Hawaiian actor; "Hawaii 5-O"; Miyagi's rival "Sato" in "Karate Kid II")

    Richard Kiel - actor; Jaws in The Spy Who Loved Me; Moonraker

    Carol Lawrence - singer/dancer/actress, once married to Robert Goulet

    Olivia Newton-John - popular Australian-born singer, actress

    Bruce Marchiano - actor, Jesus in The Gospel According to Matthew

    Gavin McLeod - actor, Captain Stubing on The Love Boat

    Terry Moore - Academy Award-nominated actress (Come Back, Little Sheba, etc.)

    Tia and Tamer Mowry - Actresses on Sister Sister

    Robert Newman - actor

    Chuck Norris - actor, "Walker Texas Ranger"

    Austen O'Brian - actor on Promised Land

    Merlin Olsen - football player, actor (Little House on the Prairie; Aaron's Way)

    Jennifer O'Neill - actor

    Donny Osmond and Marie Osmond - popular singers, TV show hosts

    Kelly Packard - Wonder Years; Blossom; Step By Step; Baywatch; Boy Meets World

    Austin Peck - Soap Opera actor

    Pat Priest - actress ("Marilyn Munster" on The Munsters TV show; Easy Come, Easy Go w/Elvis Presley)

    Della Reese - actress, "Touched by an Angel"

    Judge Reinhold - actor

    Fred Rogers - "Mr. Rogers Neighborhood"

    Roy Rogers (1911-1998) - TV star

    Mickey Rooney - actor

    Jane Russell - movie star

    John Schneider - actor, "The Dukes of Hazzard", founder, FaithWorks!

    Connie Seleca - actress

    Nancy Stafford - actress, Matlock; MacGyver

    David Suchet - actor ("Hercule Poirot" on the PBS series Mystery)

    Mr T. - Actor

    Russ Tamblyn - actor (Peyton Place, West Side Story, etc.)

    Ben Vereen - Actor

    Paul Walker - movie star (Varsity Blues, Meet the Deedles, The Fast and the Furious, etc.)

    Robert Walker - actor (Strangers on a Train, etc.)

    Lisa Whelchel - actress, The Facts of Life

    Johnny Whitaker - actor, Family Affair

    Demond Wilson - actor, Lamont Sanford

    Marie Windsor - movie star

    Elijah Wood - actor

    Heather Young - TV star, Land of Giants

    Loretta Young - movie star (Best Actress Academy Award for The Farmer's Daughter)

  • Anonymous
    5 years ago

    Good question. There are those who believe that you should not waste any time on movies, books, fiction. This would include Evangelical movies, books, fiction etc. The problem is school; you have to read for schooling, don't you? My own argument about reading fiction, seeing movies, etc is: As a Christian (follower of Christ, etc) I want my children to be able to discern right from wrong. If we watch Harry Potter, what is bad from these books movies? What is GOOD from these movies? This takes a lot of patience and hard work but in my opinion (again, this does not reflect all Christians), I would rather have my children be able to reason and exercise critical thinking than sheltered from the world.

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    1 decade ago

    Denzel Washington, Mel Gibson (Catholic),Victoria Jackson (of SNL)

  • 1 decade ago

    The following are Catholic Christians

    - Robert Alda - actor, movie star, father of actor Alan Alda

    - Gracie Allen - actress, comedian, TV star, partner and wife of George Burns

    - Robert Altman - acclaimed film director whose movies include M*A*S*H; Nashville

    - Eve Arden - actress, movie star, Academy Award nomination for supporting role in the Mildred Pierce (1945)

    - Adele Astaire - sister and former on-stage dancing partner of Fred Astaire (she had a Catholic father, Lutheran mother)

    - Stephen Baldwin - actor

    - Anne Bancroft - Oscar-winning actor, The Miracle Worker (1962)

    - Ethel Barrymore - actress

    - John Barrymore - actor

    - Lionel Barrymore - actor

    - Bono - lead singer for Irish rock band U2; humanitarian (father was a lapsed Catholic)

    - Ernest Borgnine - actor; McHale's Navy, Marty, etc.

    - Luis Bunuel - influential Spanish film director

    - Nicolas Cage - Oscar-winning actor, Leaving Las Vegas (1995)

    - James Cagney - Oscar-winning actor, Yankee Doodle Dandy (1942)

    - Karel Capek - prominent Czech writer, playwright, novelist, philosopher; coined the word "robot"

    - Frank Capra - director, It's a Wonderful Life; etc.

    - Jim Caviezel - actor; played "Jesus" in Mel Gibson's The Passion of the Christ

    - G. K. Chesterton - author, theologian (convert)

    - Gary Cooper - actor, movie star (convert)

    - Claudette Colbert - actress, movie star

    - Sean Connery - movie star

    - Roger Corman - prolific independent film producer/director

    - Jeanne Coyne - dancer

    - Joan Crawford - actress, movie star

    - Bing Crosby - actor, singer, movie star

    - Salvador Dali - Surrealist painter (convert)

    - Leonardo da Vinci - artist, scientist, inventor

    - Edgar Degas - famous French painter

    - Francisco De Goya - famous Spanish painter

    - Eugene Delacroix - famous French painter

    - Patty Duke - actress

    - Faye Dunaway - Oscar-winning actor, Network (1976)

    - Irene Dunne - actress

    - Albrecht Durer - famous German painter

    - Joe Eszterhas - screenwriter

    - Noel Farrand - composer

    - James T. Farrell - American novelist; Studs Lonigan trilogy, etc.

    - Mia Farrow - actress, former wife of Woody Allen

    - Joey Fatone - singer with boy band N'Sync

    - Federico Fellini - influential Italian film director

    - Robert Flaherty - influential documentary filmmaker, Nanook of the North, etc. (half Catholic, half Protestant)

    - John Ford - influential American film director, particularly known for classic Westerns

    - Clark Gable - Oscar-winning actor, It Happened One Night (1934)

    - Charles Gounod - French composer, wrote the opera Faust

    - Alec Guinness - Oscar-winning actor, The Bridge On The River Kwai (1957)

    - Arlo Guthrie - American folk singer (convert)

    - John Lee Hancock - film director; The Rookie, etc.

    - Josh Hartnett - actor, movie star

    - Helen Hayes - actress

    - Susan Hayward - Oscar-winning actor, I Want to Live! (1958)

    - Edith Head - influential Hollywood costume designer

    - Alfred Hitchcock - influential film director

    - Agnieszka Holland - film director; The Third Miracle, etc.

    - Bob Hope - movie star, comedian

    - Casey Kasem - nationally prominent Top 10 D.J.

    - John T. Kelley - TV writer

    - Gene Kelly - actor, dancer, movie star

    - Grace Kelly - Oscar-winning actor, The Country Girl (1954)

    - Mary Kelly - dancer

    - Nicole Kidman - actress

    - Giuseppe Tomasi di Lampedusa - author of influential novel The Leopard (1958)

    - Vivien Leigh - Oscar-winning actor, Gone With the Wind (1939), A Streetcar Named Desire (1951)

    - Jack Lemmon - movie star

    - Edouard Manet - famous French painter

    - Dean Martin - movie star

    - Henri Matisse - famous French painter

    - Gerda Maurus - Croatian actress based in Vienna

    - Leo McCarey - influential filmmaker

    - Georges Melies - early filmmaker

    - Mike Mignola - comic book artist; creator of Hellboy

    - Michelangelo - Michelangelo di Lodovico Buonarroti Simoni was a famous Italian painter, artist, sculptor

    - Walter M. Miller, Jr. - science fiction writer

    - Cathy Moriarty - actress

    - Gerald Morin - film director/producer

    - Bill Murray - comedian, actor

    - Patricia Neal - actress

    - Bob Newhart - popular TV sitcom actor, comedian

    - Jack Nicholson - actor

    - Al Pacino - Oscar-winning actor, Scent of a Woman (1992)

    - Gregory Peck - actor

    - Bernadette Peters - singer, actress

    - Walker Percy - author (convert)

    - Pablo Picasso - (1881-1973) famous painter

    - Alexander Pope - poet and satirist

    - Thomas Pynchon - influential author, Gravity's Rainbow, The Crying of Lot 49; etc.

    - Raphael - famous Italian painter

    - Jean Renoir - film director

    - Pierre-Auguste Renoir - influential French Impressionist painter

    - Anne Rice - gothic vampire novelist

    - Eric Rohmer - film director

    - Roberto Rossellini - film director

    - Pierre Roustang - French filmmaker

    - Peter Paul Rubens - (1577-1640) Flemish baroque painter

    - Ken Russell - film director

    - Rosalind Russell - actress

    - Susan Sarand

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