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A Capitals player on steroids?!!?

Oh the news this morning they caught some steroid dealer in Virginia or DC or somewhere nearby there.

He admitted to selling steroids to players on the Nats and the Caps.

Doesn't that suck? I mean, what if he's lying? But what if he's telling the truth.

Do you believe this? If so, who do you think is on them? And can someone give another instance of a hockey player caught using steroids?


Whoops, I mean "*On* the news this morning".

Update 2:

Rangers fan, trust me, I'd rather see the Rangers go then the Pens. But, if it meant cheating the Caps out of a loss, I have to disagree. :D But Brash wouldn't do roids. He's been huge his whole career.

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    The NHL and the Caps have issued statements on it.

    They have to investigate...but the steroid dealers could just be trying to start trouble..

  • The dealer was caught in Florida and has made an unsubstantiated claim that Nationals and Capitals players were his biggest clients.

    I don't know who's right and/or wrong.

    I do know that making false accusations is, at a minimum, wholly unethical and potentially cause for legal action.

    I prefer to withhold comment until facts (by that, I mean that which is factually accurate and verifiable and not rumour) are known.

    I also know I have zero tolerance for drug cheats, and think the current 20-game suspension is a slap on the wrist (when you compare to the penalties levied outside of North American sport).

    Bryan Berard was hit with a stick in the eye (on a follow through shot) and lost partial sight in his one eye. It happened during an NHL game against Ottawa (he was playing for Toronto at the time).

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    Back in the late 80's/early 90's, Randy Carlyle once tested positive for a banned substance in an international game. Carlyle's response was something to the effect of: "Steroids, are you kdding me? Look at my body. The only thing I'm on is coffee and donuts !! "

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    It sucks because all the OV haters will come out of the woodwork now. Sean HIll is the only player I can think of hit with a steroid suspension, he was given a 20 game suspension. NHL players can be tested up to two times at random every year. It's just a accusation at this point, we'll see what transpires.

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    José Théodore has been taking prescription hair loss medication Propecia legally for 8 years. Propecia contains the drug Finasteride, which can be used as a masking agent for the performance enhancing drug Nandrolone among weight-trainers and bodybuilders, but it is not a performance enhancing drug in itself.

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    i dont know at this point, it is pretty early, but if it is, i couldnt see ovie doing it, hes too huge and massive too.... oh wait.... anyway it could just be an accusation, you have to wait and see how it plays out, my bets were it was donald brashear, just saying. Oh and if it is true, they should automatically place the rangers instead of the penguins for the stanley cup :]

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    I don't care about roid cheaters. If they choose to ravage their body and risk their future so i can be entertained, i'm flattered. Science make better pads, better helmets, and better sticks, so why can't it make better bodies?

    Didn't Bryan Berard get caught at the Olympics for something, possibly concerning his eye?

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    Sad to say, in this day and age, it wouldn't surprise me one bit if it were all true. Having said that, I'll withhold judgment until there is corroboration.

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    It's all lies.....Roger Clemens told me so!

    In a somewhat related issue, did you see Jose Conseco in an MMA fight?

    VERY funny.

    Youtube thumbnail

    Should of brought the bat in the ring with him.

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    I dont think its true, the caps all passed their drug tests

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