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Make up for a red hair, light skin, brown eyes teenage girl?

i have natural red hair, its dark and looks a little brownish,dark brown eyes, and pinkish light skin with freckles.

Usually I use Hot pink or brown blush, black mascara black pencil, and sometimes white, gray, brown eyeshadow.

I just got a dark green and a blue pencils, And the green wasent swasn'tt for me But I thouth ithoughd look good with my hair, and the blue looks good, anyway, WHAT should I use? what colors of lipstick/gloss, pencils, blushes and everything is the best for me???

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    Start off by going over your whole lid all the way to brow bone with a shimmery champagne color eyeshadow (Maybelline's in Tranquil Sands). Then, take the purple and shade it from a little outside of your lid to about the middle of the lid, making a V-shape.

    The curl your lashes and apply black mascara. MAC Plushlash is my favorite

    Try a rose colored blush (or hot pink! I use MAC in Smile) and a shimmery pink gloss.

    Good luck!

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