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how do i get rid of a blue tint on my screen?

I have an acer LED monitor and i haven't used it for a while and now it has a blue tint to it, how do i get rid of this?

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    You can compensate for it by adjusting the white balance / white point, and/or the color balance.

    Your monitor may have buttons on it for adjusting these settings, but if not you can try to do it in software.

    On Mac go to Apple Menu > System Preferences and click Displays > Color > Calibrate. On Windows, it depends on the video card but a typical location is Display Properties > Advanced.

    You can also try Adobe Gamma if you have it (would be inside Program Files/Common Files/Adobe/Calibration), or you could download a different monitor calibration program from the internet, such as the free Monitor Calibration Wizard.

    Source(s): Monitor Calibration Wizard Download Adobe Gamma and Apple Calibration Instructions
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