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Caps linked to steroids dealer?

Pure speculation at this point but does this explain Semin's beat down (or slap down) of Marc Staal as "Roid Rage"?


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    I'm not buying this one...yet. I don't know who to believe, so I'm holding off opining until more is made known.

    It depends on what kind of drugs we're talking about. Garden variety steroids...I just don't see. Nobody on Washington has that kind of huge body/head growth that is consistent with steroid use.

    Now, if you're talking HGH, EPO, and related (things that would help an athlete recover from a strenuous sport like, say, hockey)...if that's what this guy was dealing in...then as they say, tell me more.

    A couple things that don't add up:

    -To the best of my knowledge, nobody on Washington has tested positive for steroids per the NHL's testing scheme.

    -With hockey an Olympic sport, these players potentially will have to succumb to IOC drug testing protocols, which are different than that of the NHL. Three Olympic games with NHL players, and not one positive test.

    Accusing someone of drug use is very serious. If (insert name of player) is a drug cheat, then if you ask me, a 20-game suspension is nowhere near enough. It should be one year for a first offence (only in North American sport do drug cheats get let off so lightly).

    If the NHL/NHLPA/IIHF were truly serious about PED's, they'd go to WADA's so-called Athlete Passports, and go to unannounced, year-round testing which would require the athlete to provide the testing agency with their whereabouts on a year-round basis. Otherwise, we're playing a game of cat and mouse.

  • gena
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    3 years ago

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  • Hearty
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    1 decade ago

    Some two-bit dealer wants his 15 seconds of fame....He is as credible as Two Fingers Louie.

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    There have been Ovechkin rumours before.

    The Nationals, judging by their play they need to find a new dealer with better stuff.

    Edit: Bob, I heard them from an unnammed source........

    I also heard rumblings from a friend who is a media type close to a lot of the players........ may have been speculation on their part but they seemed fairly certain he was enhanced.

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  • 1 decade ago

    They justlike the rest of the nhl have gone through random tests and there havent been any problems, i think its just a rumor

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    It might be speculation but Bob was about a year ahead of the curve on this one......a little bird told me that Ovechkin and Varlamov were BOTH steroid users months and months ago. So, Semin's name now being thrown about would not surprise me a bit.

    This dude's story might seem a little iffy though...why him?!

    Another can be CERTAIN that Ovechkin's parents were steroid users....his mother won two Olympic gold medals in 1976 and 1980 during an era where every Russian athlete was full of roids...meanwhile his father was a pro soccer roider....I mean player.

    As far as Varlamov....apparently he was involved in some sort of controversy which I can't really expand upon because I told the person who told me that I would not.

    Source(s): Cdn Fan- You have seen these rumours before?
  • Leave it to a team in the nation's capital desperate for success.


    GAY RIGHTS- Bunk? How else do you explain the 180 degree turn around by Dimitri Young in 2007?

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Steroids should just be legal at this point it's causing to much of a problem if you cant beat them, join them!

  • 1 decade ago

    Looks like Theodore is using "Rogaine" once again.

  • 1 decade ago

    Could this be the reason Ovechkin's shot explodes off the stick so fast that these goalies have never seen anything like it???!!!!?

    Source(s): Pens bandwagon fans.....ATTACK!
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