What do you think these kids middle names are? 10 Points?

I just want to see how common these names are and who can guess the right middle names and the person with the most right gets 10 points. These are people I actually know.

























Emma (I know two Emma's)


Oh I forgot a couple of them:




Update 2:

Michelle, I have already given you the first name. I just want you to try and guess the middle name.

Update 3:


Kaitlyn - Starts with an E

Olivia - Starts with a J

Emma - Starts with an A (more of a unique name)

Mackenzie - Starts with an O (Very uncommon, it's actually a brand like Roxy, and is considered a last name

Samuel - Starts with a C

Daniel - Starts with a W

Emily - Starts with a N

Meredith - Starts with a L

Katie - Starts with a M

Rebekah - Starts with a G

Sophia - Starts with a L

Makayla - Starts with a J

Lindsey - Starts with a S

Gina - Starts with a L

Eliana - Starts with a J

Curtis - Starts with a J

Hunter - Starts with a C

Rachael - Starts with a R

Jennifer - Starts with a K

Jessica - Starts with a R

Courtney - Starts with a E

Hannah - Starts with a B

Christina - Starts with a M

Joshua - Starts with a R

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    Kaitlyn Emma

    Olivia Jessica


    Mackenzie Olivia

    Samuel Curtis



    Meredith Lindsey

    Katie Makayla

    Rebekah Ginda

    Sophia Lindsey

    Makayla Jennifer

    Lindsey Sophia

    Gina Lindsey

    Eliana Jennifer

    Curtis Joshua

    Hunter Christina (or Curtis if it's a boy)

    Rachael Rebekah


    Jessica Rachel

    Courtney Emma




    Ok here I go again

    Kaitlyn Elaine

    Olivia Jennifer

    Emma Amelia

    Mackenzie Obi (????)

    Samuel Carter

    Daniel Wilson

    Emily Nichole

    Meredith Lee anne

    Katie Morgan

    Rebekah Gloria

    Sophia Lee

    Makayla Jo anne

    Lindsey Samatha

    Gina Louise

    Eliana Jessica

    Curtis James

    Hunter Camden

    Rachael Renee

    Jennifer Kaylee

    Jessica Rylie

    Courtney Elaine

    Hannah Beth

    Christina Marie

    Joshua Reese

    Source(s): Sorry I really want to win lol My daughter's taking a nap so I can't be too loud so I'm really really bored
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    Kaitlyn Marie

    Olivia Anne

    Emma Kate

    Mackenzie Lynn

    Samuel James

    Daniel Patrick

    Emily Rose

    Meredith Lynn

    Katie Alexis

    Rebekah Lynn

    Sophia Mae

    Makayla Elizabeth

    Lindsey Rain

    Gina Ryann

    Eliana Sky

    Curtis Lee

    Hunter James

    Rachael Elisabeth

    Jennifer Anne

    Jessica Leigh

    Courtney Michelle

    Hannah Nicole

    Christina Marie

    Joshua Michael

    Emma Rose

    Sarah Eve

    Brittany Clare

    Zachary Thomas

  • Pixie.
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    1 decade ago

    Kaitlyn Emma.

    Olivia Juliette.

    Emma Addeline.

    Mackenzie O'Niell.

    Samuel Christopher.

    Daniel Wyatt.

    Emily Natalia.

    Meredith Lydia.

    Katie Melissa.

    Rebekah Grace.

    Sophia Lily.

    Makayla Jayne.

    Lindsey Sophia.

    Gina Louise.

    Eliana Jasmine.

    Curtis Jackson.

    Hunter Cole.

    Rachael Ruby.

    Jennifer Kaitlin.

    Jessica Rebecca.

    Courtney Evelyn.

    Hannah Brooke.

    Christina Madeline.

    Joshua Riley.

    Sarah Elizabeth.

    Brittany Rose.

    Zachary Thomas.

  • 1 decade ago

    Kaitlyn Marie

    Olivia Sarah

    Emma Isabella

    Mackenzie Fiona

    Samuel Gilbert

    Daniel Garrot

    Emily Lynn

    Meredith Ellen

    Katie Mary

    Rebekah Sarah

    Sophia Anne

    Makayla Talore

    Lindsey Rachel

    Gina Holly

    Eliana Michelle

    Curtis James

    Hunter Nichollas

    Rachael Marie

    Jennifer Louise

    Jessica Erin

    Courtney Rachel

    Hannah Elise

    Christina Maria

    Joshua Max

    Emma Antonia

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  • 1 decade ago

    Kaitlyn Marie

    Olivia Claire

    Emma Grace

    Mackenzie Paige

    Samuel Edward

    Daniel William

    Emily Kate

    Meredith Marie

    Katie Louise

    Rebekah Faith

    Sophia Grace

    Makayla Rose

    Lindsey Nicole

    Gina Marie

    Eliana Faith

    Curtis James

    Hunter James

    Rachael Grace

    Jennifer Leigh

    Jessica Lynn

    Courtney Elizabeth

    Hannah Grace

    Christina Diane

    Joshua Allen

    Emma Kathleen

    Sarah Elizabeth

    Brittany Marie

    Zachary James

    Source(s): I know folks with all these names, and these are their middles :)
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    I'm sorry but this question is quite impossible! I mean, how are we supposed to know what the middle names are? They could be anything! Plus your list is quite long. If I had been you, I would've done a couple of names and then clues which would lead to people guessing the middle names. However, I'm going to go thorugh the list and do the names of people I know.

    Olivia Marie

    Emma Jane

    Daniel Adrian

    Emily Jane

    Katie Louise

    Rebekah Helen

    Sophia Jane

    Rachael Louise

    Jennifer Claire

    Jessica Lauren

    Courtney Rose

    Hannah Elizabeth

    Joshua Harold George

    Emma Mae

    EDIT: Okay, thanks for the hints. Here we go.

    Kaitlyn Elizabeth

    Olivia Jade

    Emma Anneliese

    Mackenzie O'Neill

    Samuel Christopher

    Daniel William

    Emily Noelle

    Meredith Louise

    Katie Marie

    Rebekah Grace

    Sophia Louise

    Makayla Jane

    Lindsey Sophia

    Gina Louise

    Eliana Jade

    Curtis James

    Hunter Cole

    Rachael Rose

    Jennifer Kate

    Jessica Rose

    Courtney Elizabeth

    Hannah Brielle

    Christina Mae

    Joshua Ryan

    Emma Mae

    Emma Marie

    Erm... I hope I did better second time round :P


  • Amanda
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    1 decade ago

    Emma lousie?

    Emma Grace?

    Sarah Lousie?

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    good strong names, except mackenzie, makayla and hunter...those suck

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