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Spiritually Speaking,why shouldn't atheists be in the religion and spirituality section?

Many of you want us gone but why? Air your grievances(without resorting to baseless assumptions and/or unfounded generalisations).


It seems that the ''why are atheists here?'' askers are keeping stum on this one.

Update 2:

Dexter,you assume this section is yours,afterall it's not called religious and spiritual.

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    I'm a christian and I don't mind if someone dumps buckets on atheists into our waters. Everyone has the right to be here. I'd rather hear a diverse array of opinions instead of a select few. I'm pretty open to listening to people with different viewpoints. What would it be like if everyone was of the same school of thought? I'm more of a lurker, however I must say that it is with maturity that we grow to accept the opinions of others.

    Technically Christians should want more and more atheists to come on over, shouldn't we? We're talking about God and religion here! Not all Christians are clones who conform to narrow perspective, remember that! Hey and if you want to talk about God...

    This section could easily do without trolls though...

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    Ok I'm not religious but I thought I'd give my two cents here.

    Without Atheists people would be getting very biased answers within the answers posted in the R&S section. I feel it is important to see both sides of the coin.

    Furthermore I would like to add, the topic of "Atheism" is somewhat of a cross reference to religion. If there was an "Atheist" section; the main topics of discussion; would be the flaws of religion, the corruption of religion, the lack of logic of religion. There would also be discussion and enquiries to the many wars and negativity cause by religion; and trust me there is quite a lot.

    There is also the fact; that many religious people post questions about; atheism and atheists and post it in this section. And I am sure many atheists would be more than interested to answer their inquiry.

    Religion is very dangerous and we often worry about it; in case it gets out of control again. That is why we need to be raising awareness of the facts and theories in opposition. If you don't want to accept them; well I'm afraid that is your choice; but at least we tried.

    And I can guarantee you; the very day Yahoo Answers launches an "Atheist" section, the religious community will be swarming in like an angry mob of wasps.

    Thanks for your question Random Panther!

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    sure, that is a shallow and stupid question. As an open communicate board, what one in my opinion believes isn't a valid reason for expulsion. Many are atheists because of the lies taught them by ability of religion and that they got here upon it out. additionally, there are numerous greater hateful and merciless so-called christians on R&S than there are atheists. So do no longer go away atheists, you may ask some deep questions and that i promise you maximum of what you be attentive to approximately faith has no longer something to do with the Bible. i might extremely confer with a rational atheist than an boastful and ignorant individual calling themselves christian any day.

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    If I can't exchange ideas with someone with different beliefs, I sure can't say I had strong beliefs to begin with. Although at times it seems that Q&A is overwhelmed with atheists vs. fundamentals, there is still a wide spectrum of other thoughts and opinions. Although most ideas here usually aren't new to me, there are still times when I come across a new way to look at things, which gives me the opportunity to grow.

    Maybe the people who wish to have a more one sided discussion could petition Yahoo for a Christians section.

    EDIT: Thinking about it, if yahoo did have seperate Christian and atheists sections, Everyone would just be on the other sites, saying the same things that they do now.

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    The section is called "Religion & Spirituality: which denotes a place to talk about it for ALL. It's not called "For Religious and Spiritual" (Only)

    (Oh, crap - I just looked up and you said the same thing. lol)

    I like to hear both sides and get all views, even though some may make me chuckle (and laughter is good anyway.)

    Brilliant answer from "Unafraid is Back"! Agreed totally.

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    LOL @ Dexter's sarcasm

    and nooo we don't want you gone, only hateful atheists who have no respect for others.. in fact take the hateful Christians with them.

    A new section "Believe like I do or belittled and be damned"

    That would solve some stress.

    Cinn =)

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    I am a christian, and I feel anyone that wishes may get on R&S.

    Where does it state that it is just for us christians, it dosn't. If one is a true christian they would not be putting another down for something they do not believe in, that is ones choice and I will back an atheists up on what they do or don't believe because it is not my place or any christians place to judge them.

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    They should be: Atheists believe in the Absolute Zero.

    Monotheists believe in the Absolute One.

    Agnostics should not be included for they are disinterested in religion altogether.

    Source(s): Reference to 'Absolute One' is equal to Paul Tillich's 'Ground of all being'.
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    I learn by exchanging opposite view points. I am not so set in my views, that I am unable to appreciate someone else's opinion.

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    They SHOULD! Otherwise this section would be dull, boring, and humorless, and all the religious denominations would be left to fight out which denomination is the true way.

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