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what is the best round for personal defence? What is the best weapon for conceilment?

I feel that the .357 round is the best because of its 98percent kill factor

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    45 acp, with Fang Face Extreme Shocks, no thru and thru, all energy expelled in 8 inches. Put in a proven semi.

    Ruger is my choice....over 3000 rounds not one misfire.

    In a home I would go with a short barrel auto loader tactical shotgun, with a attached flashlight. Loaded with No. 6 high brass.

    Before any of the above... a well trained German Shepard.

    And where did you get your facts for a 357 with a 98 % kill factor, what does that mean ?

    ..... 98 % of the shots in center mass, are kills? Doubtful.

    .....98% of head shots? are kills? again doubtful

    .....98% heart and brain shots....are kills?....maybe, but I would believe that before any of the other.

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    .38 spl (frangible) to minimize overpenetration is probably the best, followed by a 9 mm.

    The best weapon for concealment is one that you've practiced with - it does no good to get the latest/greatest "wonder-nine" that'll hold 17 rounds - if you can't hit the target in a stressful situation. That's why I recommend not going with a .357 unless you've practiced a LOT with it and can handle the recoil.

    The "kill factor" doesn't address stress - it only covers the "one-shot stops" which is an overrated method of rating a cartridge. Again, it does no good if you can't hit the target.

    As far as weapons - a revolver, for simplicity.... unless you've practiced a LOT with a pistol..... and can quickly manipulate it under stress.

    CA Deputy

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    Have you ever shot .357? Sure it would stop whoever was attacking you, but it would also stop the two people standing behind that person. The guy above me is right. It isn't about the round you use, it is all about how effective you are with that under stress. If you were good enough, a .22 would work.

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    .40 S&W in a Glock which ever small size you feel fits your hand the best

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