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what you think abaut this?


Tel: +44-703-596-2476 Fax +44-172-172-4021 124

Stockport Road, Longsight, Manchester M60 2DB - United Kingdom

This is to inform you that you have won a prize money of Two Hundred and Fifty Thousand Great Britain Pounds (GBP 250,000) for the, FOR THE YAHOO & WINDOWS LIVE AWARDS FOR 2009 Prize promotion which is organized by YAHOO AWARDS & WINDOWS LIVE.

YAHOO collects all the email addresses of the people that are active online, among the millions that subscribed to Yahoo and Hotmail and few from other e-mail providers. Ten (10) people are selected yearly to benefit from this promotion and you are one of the Selected Winners. Winners shall be paid in accordance with their Settlement Centers. Yahoo Prize Award must be claimed not later than 30 days from date of Draw Notification. Any prize not claimed within this period will be forfeited and returned to its source as unclaimed. Stated below are your identification numbers:



PIN: 1207

You are requested to contact our co-ordinator in Manchester and send your winning identification batch numer and reference number to him:

Award coordinator's Name: Mr. Peter Moon .

E-Mail: ,

Tel: +44-703-596-2476

Fax +44-172-172-4021

Yours in service,

Mrs. Rose Mona Lisa (Awardscoordinator)



You must keep strict confidentiality of your Prize Award claims to yourself until your money is successfully handed over to you to avoid disqualification that may arise from double claims.

Yahoo Awards Team shall not be held liable for any loss of funds arising from the above mentioned.

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    1 decade ago
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    That's completely bogus.

    Yahoo does not have an 'awards' department. Even if they did, it sure as heck wouldn't be based in the UK !!!

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