whats the frequency range of ultrasonic waves?

whats the frequency range of ultrasonic waves?

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    Ultrasound frequencies range from 20 kHz (the upper range of hearing for a young adult human) through 150 kHz (audible to some bats and other creatures), right up to 10 MHz (used in some medical treatments and industrial cleaning applications). While these frequencies overlap with those of radio waves, they are different because sound and ultrasound are vibrations in the air, while radio waves are electromagnetic waves that can travel in a vacuum.

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    Ultrasonic Frequency

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    Ultrasonic Waves

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    whats the frequency range of ultrasonic waves?

    whats the frequency range of ultrasonic waves?

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    Scott is correct. The term "ultrasonic" is not very specific. It refers to a frequency that is higher than a person can hear. Typically, a person with good hearing can hear up to around 20kHz (20,000 Hz).

    So, "ultrasonic" means frequencies above 20,000 Hz.

    There is no upper limit.

    In practical terms, the upper limit is determined by the medium the waves are traveling through. (In the air, if my memory is correct, the upper bound is something like 10GHz. Anything higher than this, and the air can't vibrate fast enough to propagate the wave)

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    Assuming the units are kHz, then because ultrasonic wavee have a frequency of greater than 20 kHz, the answer is (c) 50 kHz

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    The term "ultrasonic" applied to sound refers to anything above the frequencies of audible sound, and nominally includes anything over 20,000 Hz. Frequencies used for medical diagnostic ultrasound scans extend to 10 MHz and beyond.

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    "Ultrasonic" literally means "beyond hearing", so it's any frequency higher than the typical upper limit of human hearing, which is generally considered to be 20 kHz.

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