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翻譯(中-英) 10點!!!


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    I get along well with my classmates like we are brothers and sisters. We play and share together during recesses. When we encountered difficulties on our homework (When we got some homework problems), we shall work it out together (we always consult with and give aids to each other). Although we have quarrels (arguments) sometimes, we won't put them in our heart. I really miss my classmates. (I am reluctant to be apart from/leave my classmates.)

    Moreover, I am appreciated that every teacher has given me much guidance in being a good and healthy person (being a good person with noble character). Every thing they did was hoping us to do the best we can, even though we got scolded sometimes. As to my part, every teacher and classmate had left upon my heart shall never perish.


    get along well = 相處融洽

    recess = 小息

    work out = 為困難等找答案

    in one's heart = 放(記)在心中

    As to my part, every teacher and classmate had left upon my heart shall never perish. = 就個人而言, 我會把每一個老師和同學記在心上,永不忘記。

    - 100% 自己翻譯, 不是翻譯機

    -唔好意思我加左一些補充資料, 但意思跟你一樣。

    - 括號的字是給你另一選擇

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    My relationship with the classmates is very smooth, feels like we were brothers and sisters. When we are having a break, we play and share together. When we have trouble understanding our homework, we will discuss them together. Although we have quarrels occasionally, we forget them very quickly. I really hate to leave these classmates. Furthermore, the teaching of every teachers lead us to get a good knowledge of the principles of being a good person. Sometimes we do get scolded by our teachers, but I do realize that they just want us to do the best we can. I will bear those in my heart and will not forget.

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    Between me and the students get along very well, as brothers and sisters. During recess time, playing together, sharing together, there do not understand the homework, the study discussed together, although there are occasional squabbles, but quickly forgotten, I really want this group of students. More on the teaching of each teacher, so I know a lot of truth in life, although sometimes criticized by the teachers, but all they wanted me to do a better job, I will bear in mind in mind, never forget.

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    I get on well with my classmates as if they were my brothers and sisters. We play together and share what we have when having breaks. We discuss the assignments which are difficult to get through. Though we have quarrels sometimes, we fogive it soon. It is hard for me to forget my classmates. And the teachers teach me how to be a good person. All though they scold us sometimes, I know that they hope us to be better. I will keep all the things in my mind forever ever.

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