There is a poem that sailors use to describe the weather. please help me correct and finish it..?

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Red sky in morning, sailors take warning. Yellow sky at night, sailors delight. I may have the colors mixed up and there may be more to the poem. Can you help me with this?
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Red sky in the morning, Sailor's take warning. Red sky at night, Sailor's delight. It was referenced in the bible in Matthew, and in Shakespeare. It refers to the fact that red has the longest wavelength in the color spectrum- and reflects the dust of passing and coming storms. Red Sky at Night-means high concentrations of dust particles and high pressure- stable air = good weather. Red Sky in the Morning-dust of a storm just passed, moving to the East. Blazing Red Sunrises mean high H2O content-rain on the way.


Library of Congress
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  • HazelSkyye answered 5 years ago
    red sky at night, sailors delight,
    red sky in the morning, sailors take warning
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  • sala answered 5 years ago
    Nah. Its Red Sky at Morning Sailor take Warning. Red Sky at Night is a Sailors Delight.
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  • A. Dunlap (Novelist) answered 5 years ago
    Pink in the morning sailors take warning. Pink in the night, sailors delight.
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