What Are The Correct Songs & Words For 92.5 JOE FM & 103.9 CISN Country In Edmonton For Wednesday May 27th?

I Just Want To Say A Very Happy Belated Birthday To AlexsMom, Oh How Nice It Would Be To Be 35 Again. But AlexsMom Has A Ways To Catch Me In Age & I Just Want To Thank Everyone From The Edmonton & Surrounding Area's For All That You Do To Make This The Best Team On Yahoo Answers. You Guys & Ladies Totally Rock Man.

Without You All, It Would Not Be The Well Oiled Machine That It Is.

Thank You So Very Much & GIT-R-DONE.

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    G'morning everyone! :)

    JOE FM

    6 pm (5/26) let's go (worked)

    8 pm (5/26) when smokey (worked)


    9 am the old man (worked)

    11 am kyrie

    2 pm one

    Cool Trip Bonus Words:

    8 am - kings

    10 am - ocean

    12 noon - shopping

    4 pm - boulevard

    More Mo - sutherland (worked)

    Bose trivia - titanium silver

    Mentos trivia - what's your idea

    Nissan trivia - promotions newsletter signup

    Hope everyone has a great humpday! We're on the downward slide to the weekend at last!

    Remember the I listen to Joe call is being made between 9 and 10 am today - make sure you answer the phone the right way!

    Wishing you all lots of luck,


    Source(s): I listen to Joe
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  • Char
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    1 decade ago

    These Trivia answers, words and songs are for Country 105, Q Nation Q107 and Country 95.3

    If you want the answer, otherwise, just type ABC

    Good morning everyone, hope you all have a great day!

    Country Music Trivia - B

    Classic Rock Challenge - C

    Games 'n eCards Trivia - TEN

    Hello,Mr. Prime Minister - A

    Let's Go Green Canada! - A

    Sleuth Trivia -FESTIVAL

    Sports Trivia -C

    This Day in Canadian History - C

    HowStuffWorks.com Trivia - THE REAR WHEEL

    Nissan Trivia - Promotions Newsletter Signup

    Mentos Trivia - WHAT'S YOUR IDEA

    Bose Trivia - SILVER




    Legends Lunch - YOU LOOK GOOD IN MY SHIRT

    3 @ 3 - THEN


    7:15am Jet Set Word - ARNOLD

    10:15am Jet Set Word - CHARGERS

    4:15pm Jet Set Word - DOCK

    Q107 SONGS


    Legends Lunch - FOOL IN THE RAIN

    2:00 PM -TIME


    THE NEW COUNTRY 95.3 -

    6:00 AM - DOG

    7:00 AM - CAT

    8:00 AM - PET

    11:00 AM - FAMILY


    2:00 PM - GATHERING

    4:00PM - SUITCASE

    6:00 PM -LAWN

    Bonus Codes: Laura's Blog - SHRIMP

    Bonus Code: Lea's Blog - SAD

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    WQYK, Tampa

    Newsletter for week 5/22 – --------------- (Worked)

    Top 8 @ 8 for 5/26 – Kiss a Girl

    Hank Dale's Impossible Question for 5/26 – apples

    Cut and paste 'abc' to get the points for these trivia questions -


    Country Music Trivia

    Hello, Mr. President

    This Day In US History

    Where In The World?

    Games – Ten (In Letter Blocks, how many letters are in each row?)

    How Stuff Works – A chain connects a bicycle's pedals to the rear wheel (Answer to #7 of bicycle quiz)

    New Video – Magnesium Stearate (What is the last ingredient listed in the Enhanced Apple Cider Vinegar?)

    Sleuth for 5/26 – Mail

    Don't forget the Surveys

    Source(s): listen and got points
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  • 1 decade ago

    Happy Wednesday, have a great day and smile : )

    Happy Belated Birthday to AlexsMom and Happy Early Birthday to PJ. Beecher's words, it's not just the day take the whole month!

    And to my Buddy Beecher, Big Ole' Canadian Bear Hugs, that trunk at the border is sounding more tempting every day, I'll keep you posted.....(you may find your Waldo and then what are you going to do with her) : )

    And Cabana Girl, you are priceless......luv ya to bits and what can I say about Rockin' Rowdy Brad, he is the bestous....luv Him to bits too.....

    How Stuff Works Trivia Quesion #7, With today's bicycles, what are the pedals connected to? Rear Wheel

    Games Trivia, In Letter Blocks, how many letters are in each row? ten

    Bose Trivia, What is the default color shown? Silver

    Mentos Trivia, When you click on the ad, what does it say in the blue bubble? What's Your Idea

    Nissan Trivia, What is the last promotion? Newsletter Signup

    Sleuth = festival

    There is Music Feedback to do and also picks for Nascar

    630 CHED

    Bob Layton = 218


    Army Code = Coloniale

    Twitter = Stortini

    Join the K-97 Road Hogs at COMPUTER TRENDS at 10008 - 170 Street from 1 - 5pm on Saturday, May 30 to get your K-97 Codeword

    103.9 CISN

    Guesses After Midnight that worked for me, hope they work for you

    7am = God Love Her

    7:15 = ink

    Bowie = Big John (worked) but it was Oh Me Oh My

    9am = Then

    work = trash (worked) but it was shorthand

    10:15 = shopping (worked) but it was shirt

    Lunch = Alan Jackson

    2pm = I Wanna Do It All

    2:15 = blossoms (worked) but it was looks

    4:15 = summer (worked)

    5pm = Somebody Like You

    Wanted = Whatever It Is

    8:15 = banana (worked) but it was barbeque

    92.5 JOE

    Cool Trip #6 words

    8am = Kings

    10am = ocean

    noon = fish (I missed the word and guessed)

    4pm = sorry I don't know I missed it because I was drinking beer at the neighbor's

    Listen and Win

    Mo = Keifer Sutherland

    9am = The Old Man Down the Road

    11am = Kyrie

    2pm = One

    6pm = Still Drinking Beer at the Neighbor's

    8pm = Slide


    Source(s): Got My Radio Points.............one way or another
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  • 1 decade ago

    Good Morning,

    93.7 - MIKEFM & 107.3 - WAAF - Boston, MA

    Champ or Chump Trivia = b) Lacrosse

    Champions = b) 1990

    Games 'n eCards Trivia = Ten

    Hello, Mr. President = b) Third U.S. President

    HowStuffWorks = Rear Wheel

    Music Challenge = b) Farm Aid

    New Video Trivia = Magnesium Stearate

    Planning Family Trivia = Sweepstakes, Contests, Giveaways & More!

    Precious Metals Trivia = high rates of inflation

    Quality Health Trivia = Samples, Coupons, and Rebates

    Rock Music Trivia = b) Papa Roach

    Sleuth Trivia = Festival

    This Day In U.S History = b) F-86 Saber

    Where In The World? = a) France

    Alternatively, you can copy and paste


    to get credit on all trivia questions.

    Mike (rimsk)

    Source(s): Got My Points rimsk
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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    This is the only link working for WXTU Philadelphia to get points. http://925xtu.listenernetwork.com/ BUT I think points are going to end for us in a few days.

    Champions - b) 1990

    Country Music Trivia - b) Troy Gentry

    Games - ten

    Hello Mr. President: - b) The Third U.S. President

    How Stuffworks - rear wheel

    This Day in History - b) F-86 Saber

    Video - magnesium stearate

    Where in the World - a) France

    Sleuth - festival

    Precious metals trivia - high rates of inflation

    Quality Health trivia - samples, coupons and rebates

    Planning Family trivia - sweepstakes, contests, giveaways

    92.5 WXTU - Philadelphia

    on air trivia

    My Three Songs - vacation 5/27

    Country Cafe - 92 Cougar, but vacation works for points 5/27

    Make It or Break It - vacation 5/27


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  • 1 decade ago

    Answers for CISN 103.9 Edmonton & Country 105 Calgary

    Finally the email notifications are back.


    These answers worked for me shortly after 12am, I hope they work for you.

    7am Song = Everybody Wants To Go To Heaven

    7:15 Word = Ink

    BBFF = Big John

    9am Song = It Won't Be Like This For Long

    Work Word = Shift

    10:15 Word = Shopping

    12pm Artist = Alan Jackson

    2pm Song = River Of Love

    2:15 Word = Blossoms

    4:15 Word = Summer

    5pm Song = Somebody Like You

    Most Wanted = White Horse

    8:15 Word = Banana

    Country 105:

    7am Song = How Do You Like Me Now

    7:15 Word = Arnold

    Work Word = Office

    10:15 Word = Chargers

    1st Song @ Lunch = You Look Good In My Shirt

    Top 3 @ 3 = Then

    4:15 Word = Dock

    5pm Song = Rodeo

    Trivia for Both:

    Boss = Silver

    Country Music = B

    Games = Ten

    Hello Mr. Prime Minister = A

    How Stuff Works = The Rear Wheel

    Let's Go Green Canada = A

    Mentos = What's Your Idea?

    Nissan Trivia = Promotions Newsletter Signup

    Sleuth = Festival

    Sports = C

    This Day In Canadian History = C

    Happy Hump Day Everyone

    Source(s): thanks Janey
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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Champions: B) 1990

    Country Music Trivia: B) Eddie Gentry

    Games: ten (letter blocks how many in each row)

    Hello Mr. President: B) 3rd president

    HowStuffworks.com: wheel

    Video of the Day Trivia: magnesium (last ingredient in enhanced apple cider?)

    This Day in U.S. History: B) F-86 saber

    Where in the world: A) France

    Newsletter: burger

    Artist: Carrie

    Andy’s: creme (5/26)

    Nascar: stop (5/26)

    Taylor: Oprah (5/25)

    All Access: #101 aloft

    Music committee 5/26 : Blake Shelton (under reward codes)


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  • 1 decade ago

    Good Morning..

    5/26/09 Tuesday's

    (Andys)Creme Caramel

    (Nascar) Stop

    (Taylor) Oprah Winfrey

    (Quality) Rebates

    (Planning) Contests

    (Horwitz) 17


    5/28/09 Wednesday's

    (Artist) Carrie Underwood

    (Champion) B

    (Country) B

    (Games) Ten

    (Hello) B

    (HowStuff) Rear Wheel (rwh)

    (Video) Magnesium

    (This Day) B

    (Where In) A


    ((Access101) Aloft

    (Newsletter) Burger

    (Committee) Blake Shelton

    Daily Prayers for all Yahoo Families and Friends..

    To continue getting healthy and strong...

    Happy Birthday / Happy Anniversary to All Celebrating!!

    Have a Great Day !!


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  • 1 decade ago

    Hi Everyone from Huntsville, AL

    Champions - b ) 1990

    Country Music - b ) Eddie Gentry

    Country Video - b) False

    Games 'n eCards - Ten

    HowStuffWorks.com - rear wheel (wh)

    Music Trivia:Mercyme has a song called: a) Finally Home

    New Video - Magnesium Stearate (um)

    Hello, Mr. President - b ) Third U.S. President

    This Day in History - b) F-86 Saber

    Where in the World? - a ) France

    Have a wonderful Hump Day

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