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Dodger are underrated?

is it me or is casey blake and james loney pretty underatted

and why havent the dodgers been appluaded by the media for their success without manny. And dont forget about juan pierre hes hitting 400 while orlando hudson has a 17 game hit streak and was the second best signing in the national league other then manny all we need is a decent 3rd starting pitcher and hiroki kuroda to come back and were good.


matthew thats true i hate it plus baseball tonight always ends when the the dodger game starts but i kinda like being underrated

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    you are absolutely right, probably because. when a dodger game starts 7 p.m. west cost, everybody is sleep east cost when the game is over.

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    i do no longer think of that the Cubs are overvalued. They have been an extremely stable group all usual season. yet each and every thing variations interior the playoffs and that they seem imploding. As for the Dodgers, i think of that every physique underrated them. They play in an extremely undesirable branch and did no longer have an extremely dazzling record. So every physique assumed the Cubs might breeze by way of this sequence. yet they have appeared somewhat stable this sequence.

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    Ye Blake is very underated and shouldn't be since he's been putting up very solid stats this year.. loney.. he was looked at highly last year he's not too good now - just nothing to write home about.

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