Where can i find a ditto in pokemon platinum?

I don't know where to get a ditto in pokemon platinum...can someone help me?

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    You can try the trophy garden but only has 5 percent that it will appear. The most accurate place is Route 218. it has 22 percent that it will appear but you must use the poke radar (obtained after elite 4).Also its around lvls 29-30 whilst the trophy garden has lvls 22-23-24. Hope this helps.

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    You can find a ditto in the Trophy Garden at the back of the Pokemon Mansion.

    Talk to Mr. Backlot and he will tell you what Pokemon he sees in the garden. He should eventually tell you he saw a ditto.

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    They're in the Trophy Garden after you get the National Dex, but not all the time. A different "special" Pokemon is put there every day, and you need to talk to Mr. Backlot to figure out which one is there on that particular day. Save before you talk to him, and if he doesn't mention a Ditto, just reset and try again.

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  • 4 years ago

    After Elite 4. Pokeradar. East of Canalave City. That's as simple I can make it.

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    In the trophy garden, and Route 218.

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