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How Exactly Can I Find/Get To The Metropolitan State Hospital Cemetery In Waltham Massachusetts?

It's called Metfern Cemetery. I know that it's in the woods somewhere, but how do I get there? Where do I even start? HELP!

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    It is almost certainly one of the fields in the middle of this satellite picture.,-71.2...

    I'd recommend calling up the town of Waltham historic society at 781-891-5815. I bet they know which field. Or you could just wander around back there looking for grave markers.

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    Metropolitan State Hospital Waltham

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    No-one will answer you at any historical society. They dont let people go up there anymore because people used to break in there all the time. Cops patrol it too. I know where there is supposedly an unmarked cemetary. but i dont know for sure (i wasnt exactly going to dig to find out) but it would be impossible to explain... go with someone from waltham who knows- almost everyone who grew up in waltham has gone up there.

    the cops will arrest you for ******* around up there now.

    there used to be all kinds of weird **** in there like patients files and everything just left there...

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