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what type of policy does Somalia have regarding HIV/AIDS and the pirate crisis?

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    Somalia has NO policy on HIV/Aids. Somalia has NO policy on piracy.

    Somalia is anarchy. They have no central government for years now. Just warlords and anarchy.

    This paragraph is quoted from the CIA...

    "Somalia has lacked any internationally recognized central government since the fall of the Siad Barre regime in 1991. The current Transitional Federal Government is the fifteenth attempt to create a formal state. The country is currently controlled by various political and regional factions as well as local warlords in the south and in two "republics" in the north. The former British colony of Somaliland---consisting of five districts in the northwest---declared independence in 1991, and the northeastern region---known as Puntland---declared autonomy in 1998."


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    Somalia doesn't really have any policies on anything. There really is no government at all in Somalia. It has for all intents and purposes acquiesced into nothingness.

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    Somalia is currently handing out condoms and passing sex laws in an attempt to check the burgeoning population of Somalian Butt-Pirates. They are not succeeding.

    Source(s): I am the President of Somalia, and Honorary Admiral of Her Majesty's Royal Butt-Pirate Naval Fleet. (Choose me as best answer?:)
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    Somalia has no policies toward anything,. They have no government.

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    A failed state ruled by Warlords no central government

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    if you want to know about hiv and aids you should research it.

    all i know and need to know is what to do to prevent it and if anyone close to me should catch it then i would do all my best to find some sort of cure or anything to make them live longer.

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    Policy? We don't need no stinking policy!!! We have profit-sharing program.

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