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Why do American's demand skilled surgeons with years of experience and schooling...?

Why do American's demand skilled surgeons with years of experience and schooling when they need a surgery performed on them to save their life....but they elect an incompetent, inexperienced leader to "save" their nation?

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    Don't worry the skilled surgeons will be gone soon when they are forced to do their work for the Government.

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    You've got that right Roxxx.

    The Canadians come down here to get treated because socialized medicine doesn't work. Doing it in a country of our population will literally kill many of us. Where will we go.....Mexico? I think not. Not to mention that so many of them are here using ours for nothing. That's one of the biggest problems with the affordability of decent health care. We have way too many people that use our system the wrong way. If we weren't supporting people that shouldn't be here, we'd have more money to help those who do belong here.

    BTW, Joe the plumber doesn't claim to be a doctor. When Obama thought he'd go out and talk to the "people" he had no idea he'd get the confrontation he did. Guess he should have had his advisors pre screen them.

    And the Leader of the Free World should have some experience whether they have advisors or not. If some of you don't know this, our President barely voted for any issues. His vote was "Present". Why bother being there if you can't make a stand on an issue.

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    Obama is schooled. He definitely has limited leadership experience. He was elected on a well-storm of emotion and that defies logical explanation. I do hope that American voters start voting with their brains and quit letting their emotions run the voting booth.

    It seems we are more interested in the gender and race of a candidate than qualifications. When the Koreans are threatening, I would like someone in charge who has a clue.

    When Iran rattles its sabers, I would like a president who can calm the waters diplomatically without making us look like incompetent cowards. But, hey, that's just me.

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    1 decade ago

    Simple. We were outsmarted. Im not laying this all on Obama. Our party

    got lazy, We didn't work hard enough. We didn't demand a better choice.

    We bought into the rah rah **** about McCain, And we were completely

    stupid about it. Palin was piss poor choice. She had no recognition and

    no international experience. She stumbled and fumbled do to who ever

    in the first weeks and never got on track. We need to get back to limited

    federal gov, Less taxation and more positive outcome for this country.,

    Starting in 2010 we had better be getting at it. For this lame *** fool

    in the white house is already campaigning, hell he hasn't stopped.

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    Hey, give the "new guy" a few years to implement his health plan, and you won't be able to find any of those "skilled surgeons with years of experience" either...

    Not that anyone outside government service would qualify for the surgeries, anyway

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    For the same reason that a 13 year-old girl CAN get an abortion without her parents ever knowing about it, BUT...she CAN'T get a Children's Tylenol from school without parental consent.

    But hey, I shouldn't be surprised.....I live in California!

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    Unfortunately, there will be a brain drain on surgeons and doctors if Obama nationalizes healthcare.

    Source(s): Going into medical school in the fall.
  • jeff m
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    Rhetoric over reason - the democrats did such a fine job of slandering pres. Bush that none could stand their disingenuous whining anymore.

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    Well if you want "Joe the plumber" standing over you with a scalpel and

    toilet plunger go for it.

    As for those who voted for Bush let's ask them. Good luck finding someone to 'fess up to that. I guess Bush saved us from the true wealth and prosperity we could have had.

    Too bad Obama wasn't running then. Presidency is on the job training and they don't do it alone. Bush BTW had help.

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    And on top of that, they sue the surgeon if something happens beyond his control. Do ya think anyone would sue our "leader" for something beyond his control?

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