What community should I start at in Second Life?

I have no money to spend, I'm only checking this out because it's free but I looked up one community and it talked about how you needed to buy things so I crossed it off the list of possible ones to start at.

I have no real idea what it even means to pick a community to start at. The ones I have to choose from in English are:

Steampunk Victorian Caledon and NCI


Big Pond

Hobo Island

Fashion Research Institute, Inc.

Avatar Island

D.C.District Community

The Faery Crossing

Vienna Freebies EN

Virtual Ability

Solace Beach

London England UK

Dublin in SL

newBERLIN (English)

Gateway to the SS Galaxy

I've basically got no clue which one is best. I want to visit them all, but I dont even know if I can (?)

I'd love any advice about any of these communities.


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    Ignore that community option and start at the default location. The problem with those locations is that they do not recognise gmail, Yahoo and some other email addresses and you need to receive a password to your email inbox before you can get into SL. Use one of those and you may never get your authorisation email. When you bypass those options and move to the default starting point in SL, any email address is recognised and you will get your authorisation.

    All those places you listed can be visited normally in SL. Of those on your list, I have been to Caledon, Avatar Island, The Faery Crossing, London England and Dublin. Caledon and Dublin I have been to many, many times. All you need to do is open up search, click on the 'Places' tab and enter the name of the place you are looking for. From that page you can teleport directly to the place.

    By starting at the default starting location you begin at a place called Orientation Island. Orientation Island takes you through 4 areas - each one teaching you basics of SL. One of these teaches you how to use the search options to find places in SL. If you start at any of those community locations you will miss out on these tutorials. While some of them do have tutorials, none are as easy to use, or as comprehensive as the ones on Orientation Island.

    So bypass the community start areas and go for the default starting point. It will make life much easier for you in the long run.

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