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Should trucking firm pay family keep its $15.8 million award from illegal truck driver accident claims 4 lifes?

The Texas Supreme Court is being asked to overturn a multi million-dollar verdict against a large company because jurors were improperly told that the gravel truck driver who killed four family members is an illegal immigrant.

Revealing the driver’s immigration status at trail was intended to inflame jurors with prejudicial and irrelevant information, according to attorneys for the Dallas cement hauling company (TXI Transportation Co. v. Hughes). In 2002 the illegal immigrant, driving one of the company’s trucks, drifted into the opposite lane of a Ft. Worth highway and struck a sports utility vehicle occupied by five family members returning from Christmas shopping.

The family’s vehicle scraped along the truck’s side until it emerged spinning and skidding into the path of a full-size pickup, according to news reports. A one-year-old strapped to a car seat was the lone survivor. Family attorneys said the immigration information was presented in court to illustrate that the driver—previously deported and using a fake Social Security—did not have the commercial driver’s license required to operate the truck and that the company did not properly investigate his driving record.

A state appellate court upheld the jury verdict, including the mention of the driver as an illegal immigrant, and now the Texas Supreme Court will rule on the case. During oral arguments at least one Supreme Court Justice revealed that the driver’s legal status should not have been mentioned at trial.

Sarcastically claiming that “the so-called illegal immigrant is the cause of all of society’s problems” Justice David Medina believes the jury was informed of the driver’s immigration status to let it know that “we have an illegal alien over here who may have caused this horrible, horrendous accident and we want you to punish him and disregard the facts.”

For the family to keep its $15.8 million award, the majority of the Supreme Court's nine justices must find that the driver’s illegal status was in fact relevant and not simply an appeal to racial prejudice.

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    I think it's safe to say the jurors should have already been inflamed with the idea that a gravel truck driver killed a family of 4.

    It's strange that a fact can't be used in court.

    Fact -- Illegal Immigrant...FOUL FOUL FOUL.

    Dumbing down the population has it's negatives too...

    Source(s): Uncle was killed by an illegal immigrant from Mexico who was drunk, drifted off the road, and ran my Uncle over while he was checking the water in his field. I was the first on the scene -- CPR ensued w/ ribs cracking and water bubbling in his lungs. I was 17, he was pronounced dead at the scene. My GPA dropped from a 4.19 to a 1.8. I had to beg my teachers for passing grades. The guy driving the car left it there buried in mud and was found later only b/c he had his pay stub in the glove box. That's the harsh reality I had to face at the expense of securing votes to remain in power and not offending someone who openly breaks the law for fear of political backlash. Guarantee thousands of Americans have similar stories we don't hear about. But the benefits (for politicians) far outweigh the costs of citizens (unless we consider the 13 billion dollars Californian's spend on illegal immigrants, the 10 billion dollars the Federal Government spends on illegal immigrants and the physical and emotional harm the bad-apples amongst them cause.)
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    Illegal immigration causes many problems that's for sure. That is an indisputable fact. Given your estimate of 20 million illegals let's proceed from there. Let's say even 1/3 of them are holding jobs. That's almost 7 million people in the workforce. Contributing to the tax base etc. That would leave 7 million job vacancies. Would our nation be able to handle that many leaving the workforce? Probably not. Would Americans step into these jobs for the pay offered? Probably not. Companies bottom line is profit. Would they raise wages to get Americans to work these jobs? Probably not. More companies would begin to outsource. Thus leaving many Americans out of jobs that now hold jobs. Our entire country would collapse and the Great Depression would look like a cakewalk. As I've said illegal immigration is wrong and needs to stop. But we also need to be realistic on deporting as you say 20 million people. Believe me...It's not going to happen for various reasons. So we must move forward and think of realistic ways to deal with the situation at hand and also insure the illegal situation is stemmed in the future. Better border security and visa systems need to be taken care of first and foremost so the situation doesn't progressively get worse. Once the flow is stopped we can then work on what to do with those already here.

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    Yes,they should keep it.

    Regardless of his immigration status,he was an employee of the company that owned the truck. They would be responsible whether the driver was here illegally or was a citizen.

    The fact that he didn't have the proper drivers license or wasn't even allowed to work in this country just adds to the fact that company is responsible for the deaths.

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    Yes, the driver could not have a valid texas drivers license. Therefore the driver was not properly trained. The company is liable for it employees, both ability to drive and eligibility to be employed in the United States.

    Source(s): Common Sense and drove truck for a while.
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    Yes , Pay every penny, Be arrested for hiring him

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    "award from illegal truck driver" why yes they should, I mean if the truck driver has that kind of money to blow then by all means they should keep it.

    "Should trucking firm pay family keep its $15.8 million" can't understand that at all as it makes no sense to me.

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