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If you nascar fans saw Jeff Gordon race in his rookie year in 93 or 92 in the winston cup series, did you think he would make it like he did now, or kinda like sterling marlin, mike skinner, or has a very short stint in the series?

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    Hard to say. I thought he had talent and as a rookie, he did show alot of promise. He did get the rookie of the year award.

    I am not a Jeff Gordon fan, but I do respect the guy and he is great for the sport.

    All the gay stuff has to end. That is not fair. Jeff is a great driver, very accomplished and an awesome ambassador for the sport.

    That coming from someone who used to hate him until I actually took some time to learn something about him....

    Take a cue and do some research, you will find out he really is a good person and deserves better from NASCAR fans....

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    I never thought he would win 80+ races. He showed potential in his rookie year had some good runs but he sure did tear up cars. I thought he would only have 20 wins at the most at the end of his career, boy was I way off, he will most likely end his career with 90 couple wins. I think his veteran teammates of Ken Schrader, and Terry Labonte helped him tremendously early in his career, teaching him that he's got to pace himself better, and who better to do so than a former champion Labonte, and a driver who's plans on cutting back in 09 by only running about 80 races this year Ken Schrader.

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    Sterling Marlin was in the series for 25 years..

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    Neither... I didn't think he'd do as good as he's done though.

    hmm I think if he were gay the world would know it by now.

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