11 month old with a fever?

My daughter has a fever of 102.5 that is being brought down by Tylenol to 100.5 (It has been going on for almost 12 hours now). 4 hours after giving her a dose of the Tylenol, her fever is back up to 102.5. The doctor said to watch her tonight and that she can have Tylenol every 4 hours and to bring her in tomorrow if she isn't better.

My question is - should I wake my daughter up every 4 hours to give her the next dose of Tylenol, or should I let her sleep as long as she can and only give it to her when she's up? I'm worried that if I don't give her the Tylenol, her fever might get to high without me knowing it, but I also don't want to wake her unnecessarily.

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  • 1 decade ago
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    I wouldn't wake her up unless you feel like her fever is creeping back up again - one of my kids I could check in his sleep and the other no way so it also depends on your child. Believe it or not, a temp of 102.5 isn't actually all that bad for an infant,

    That being said...I am not a doctor and I know that they are accustomed to lots of calls from parents - I would call back and ask the dr's advice! Better a call now than one at 3am, right?

    If it makes you feel any better, my oldest did this all the time...fever at night and then completely fine the next day like nothing had happened!

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    i wouldnt wake her up just to give iot to her. my babys doc says that motrin is better for reducing fevers. but the baby has to be 9 months to have it. since my daughter has turned 9 months thats all i use. it works better and faster. and u only have to give it to them every 6 hours.

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