how many years did kim jong-il rule north korea?

how many years did kim jong-il rule north korea? and what was his reason for war?


i just said that, how long is kim-JONG il been ruling north korea and what was his reason for his war?

Update 2:

thank you jbird, i have to give a brief speech tomorrow so i needed this and do you know his visions for the direction of his country, like what was his goals?

Update 3:

thank you very much, i'll pick you as best answer :)

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    1 decade ago
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    well technically Kim Il Sung is still president, but since he died in 1994 Kim Jong Il has been in charge

    -hes been in charge since '94 when his father, Kim Il Sung died, so 15 years. N. Korea, since it adopted communism has always been a militaristic, totalitarian state, its "reason for war" is simple, they hate America and most other countries, want to be left alone. they follow a self sufficient ideology called "Juche". Theres a few good documentaries about them availble on the net, I just saw one called the Vice Guide to North korea, you should check it out:

    -He wants to reunify Korea (both North and South) under his 1 party, 1 leader, socialist, totalitarian regime but South Korea rejects the communism/ juche ideologies of the North

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  • TJ9
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    1 decade ago

    Since his dad died in 1994. He is still their President.

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