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OK what is THIS thing on this bike?

on the handlebars, what is that black square thing what is it?!?!

My father bought me this bike, it will be mine on Friday, but I want to know what that thing is!


ack! for sissies! must come off now!!!!!!!!!

Update 2:

I'm thinking I will get new handlebars and a taller stem anyway. I am tall.

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    Appears to be a handlebar mount for a handlebar bag or possibly a basket. It'll come off in 30 seconds.

    I'd also take a closer look at the handlebar. There's enough rust on there to cause me to worry. My concern would be the handlebar actually breaking during a ride in the near future. Bars are hollow, and it doesn't take long for rust to make this a reality. Have your dad or someone that knows bikes check it out thoroughly.

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    uhh well 1 or 2 things 1 its for like attaching accesories like a basket

    Or 2 it is for the accekerometers or spedometers thingys

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