Is there a way to send mail without your address on it?

I have a friend who lives across the country (who I only know online) who I'd like to send a few things to (a camera is one.) The only problem is my parents are paranoid about people I don't know in person having my address, for example, from the return label. Is there a way to send mail without my address being on it?

Thanks a ton!


I trust this person enough to send them something. We've been talking for months now. ^-^"

Is there a way I can set up a forward with the post office, so that if it gets *returned* it'll come back to me, but they won't be able to trace the forward address to me?

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    you should listen to your parents! there are lots of crazy people out there and since you just know this person from online I would not send anything to them. I wouldn't want my daughter sending anything to them! your parents are right, not paranoid.

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    First of all you should make sure that you trust this person enough to send them gifts. There are many creeps out there that take advantage of people. Also, were did you meet this person. If he/she sought you out they are probably some 50 year old fat man sitting behind a computer and lying to you. If you know you can definitively trust this person than here are some things you could do. You can send packages through the Post Office without your address on them. But make sure you have the person you are sending the package to correct address. Otherwise the Post Office will throw the package away. If you don't like this method you could always ask a friend if you could use their address. You could also put your personal mail on hold and pick up the returned package at the post office. I don't know how old you are so this could not be possible.

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    You can mail things without your address on them -- but then if there's any problem with the address you're mailing it to and the item turns out to be undeliverable, the post office wouldn't have any way of getting the item back to you!

    Could you use one of your parents' work addresses, maybe?

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    i'm unsure what you are attempting to assert right here; -Did you mail a letter without an handle? or -Are you attempting to place envelopes into peoples mailboxes without finding out to purchase postage. For the 1st one, the letter will come back to you. For the 2nd, that is unlawful to place mail in somebody else's mailbox. despite the fact that, no one assessments. you will desire to purely placed the envelope in after mail has been further, or the provider will take the envelope for mailing, and bring about step1. in case you will make an effort to place envelopes in peoples mailboxes, why no longer purely placed it at their doorstep?

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    Yes, of course. I do it all the time. Just be careful about who you talk to and send stuff to. Your parents might not be paranoid, they just care about you.

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    You can send it without a return address.

    Or you can get a PO Box....

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    you could try your name c/o general delivery city and state

    then do a forward order on that address to your home address

    that might one route to try

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    I do it all the time.

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