LDS, Mormons, Question about sealing's after death in temples?

By proxy.

FOR a woman..

The official LDS Church Handbook of Instruction says:

Living Women — A living woman may be sealed to only one husband. . . .

Living Men — If a husband and wife have been sealed and the wife dies, the man may have another woman sealed to him if she is not already sealed. (Church Handbook of Instruction, p.72)

About the women....

So if alive, a LDS women has one husband only sealed to her.

IF deceased, she may have all of her husbands sealed to her, (as in the husbands are dead too) so that she will have the preference of who she wants to be sealed to. What about what the husbands want? AND if they were married to other women and sealed to them, what up with all this.

Can you imagine the looks on the faces?

"You LADY, are sealed to him, but he's sealed to her over there, and there her too, and she still may have her sealing done for her second marriage to Tom, but Tom still alive so not yet, BUT he might remarry again."


There were SOME big families way back when. and alot of step families now a days?

* So you cannot say this is uncommon.

Is that correct about the Mormon belief? Just all these sealings, so everyone can have a pick, or perhaps the men more than one wife.

So if you believe all will be worked out and and no one "left out" WHY all these motions, and sealing and baptisms "just in case?"

For ladies...

ALIVE= one husband only.

DEAD= all the husbands will be sealed to her if no one knows what she would have wanted.

What's up with that?

DO you not trust all will be worked out. Is it like saying, "We'll just in case, we will marry (seal) her to all her husbands so that she can pick and be together forever in Heaven with that man." (I cannot fathom this belief)



Haircut, I was just asking about this belief, is reference to another question. Chill. If you do not want to answer, dont then.

(you didn't)

Update 2:

Haircut, I have four young children that are still around the religion with my ex's family. So I want the full picture, understand?

Update 3:

Haircut, My kids are at my ex's parent's house every other weekend. That is a concern when they try to sneak them to church sometimes.

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    I see what you mean.

    My understanding of all temple work the LDS do in the temples is that those (dead) individuals they do it for have the choice in the hereafter to accept that work or not, whether it's endowments, baptisms, or sealings. That's why I didn't see why those Jews got all upset when the LDS were baptizing holocaust victims, because for one thing, the Jews shouldn't even be believing what the LDS do in their temples is valid (if they are faithful Jews), and if for some wacky reason, they do believe it to be valid, they should know the dead have a choice to accept the works done for them or not.

    So by that logic, sealing a dead woman to all her dead husbands would just be "covering all her bases" to say, so she could pick and choose which one she wants. It's all up to her I guess LOL!

    That's interesting though, I didn't think a woman could ever be sealed to more than one man, whether she was living or not!

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    This is why legalistic religion crumbles under it's own weight. False ideas usually get so complicated you just have to step back and realize, this is really getting weird.

    The idea that the earth rotated around the sun got so complicated that scientists finally had to consider the Capernicun theory that instead the earth did the rotating. Thank heavens they didn't have computers or we might still be debating this. Faith only in the finished work of Jesus is that alternative in the sense that faith only means we place no trust in any ordinance, but look to Jesus as completely sufficient for salvation.

    When it comes to LDS eternal marriage, Jesus said it best; "they are neither married nor given in marriage in the resurrection." There's no loopholes in that statement.

    And when you double click on LDS history, you find some really weird stuff like Joseph Smith being sealed to the wives of other men. In fact one man was there when it was being done. Can you imagine how gullible he felt when Jesus told him about Joseph's money digging con past, inventing polygamy to cover Joseph's adulterous relationships, or making up translations to ancient texts like the Book of Abraham? Let's hope God was as merciful to him as I hope He will be for my LDS friends and family.

  • Why do you care still? You're not even LDS anymore and no one is interested in the fact that you're not either.

    Just stick to your one husband (if you have one) and you really should be able to put aside beliefs that you no longer support anyway.

    These things will be worked out at a later time and no one will be forced to be sealed to someone they don't want to be. That's right, it's called agency. God's a huge supporter of it and he won't force anyone to be sealed.

    First of all, your question is dumb and doens't even make sense. It isn't really relative much to ACCURATE current LDS belifes. It's your weird distortion in order to placate some odd offense you must have taken when you were a practicing member. They're beliefs you don't even respect or have to worry about anymore. Yet you still persist on being some sort of weird LDS ex-groupie or something haunting all of the LDS questions. It's like just move on already.

    Ya I doubt that's true. I doubt your extended family has more influence on your children then you do, and it's HIGHLY doubtful they talk about this subject to your four young children to where you'd be asking the question on this topic this way.

    Fail: try again to explain your weird obsession with the religion.

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    The reason for the following passage...

    Revelation 22

    18I warn everyone who hears the words of the prophecy of this book: If anyone adds anything to them, God will add to him the plagues described in this book. 19And if anyone takes words away from this book of prophecy, God will take away from him his share in the tree of life and in the holy city, which are described in this book.

    God Bless.

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