Name a player who played for your national team over 20 years ago?

Country - England

Player - Gary Linekar (yes I know that he was still playing for us during Italia 90, so that is not over 20 years but he is one of my all time favourites:)

He was top scorer at Mexico '86 and won the Golden Boot.

What a player, what a man, he even speaks a bit of Japanese:DD

Others I could mention are Glenn Hoddle and Chris Waddle. If you didn't know better, you would say that I was a closet Spurs fan!!

Thank you


UWS - yes you're right, he was in the '66 world cup winning team:D

Update 2:

Jaye - any relation to Wayne?!!!

Update 3:

Kitty - yes he counts:)

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    My early boyhood hero 'Supermac' Malcolm MacDonald. He still has the goalscoring record for England with 5 goals in one game.

    He would have had more caps for England, but he was a cocky so and so (he turned up in a pink Rolls Royce when he signed for Newcastle), and the England heirarchy didn't like him. But he did the business alright, scoring a hat-trick on his home debut against Liverpool.

    Aren't all great players cocky, big-headed and outspoken? Cantona anyone?

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    The 1950`s Miracle on Grass world cup group win Over England by the team of no hopers USA. Joe Gaetjens goal that shocked a nation! England could not believe it either.

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    Country: England

    Player: George Coen

    Won the world cup in 1966 and is related to rugby player Ben Coen.

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    Gary Lineker

    Played for Nagoya Grampus Eight in Japan

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  • 1 decade ago

    Alan Ball, England

  • 1 decade ago

    USA: Tony Meola,....first in the impressive line of USA goalkeepers including Kasey Keller, Brad Friedal, and now Tim Howard.

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    Kevin Keegan

  • 1 decade ago

    Malcolm Macdonald.

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    Well in that case

    Scotland and Man City-Denis Law,Willie Donachie,Dickov

    Scotland-Dalglish,Jordan,Aitken,and a host of others that would fill the page.

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    Country - England

    Player - Geoff Hurst - legend for his hatrick in the 66 final.


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