How can I Create this travel brochure?

Okay, I have this project and I have no idea on how to do it. We are supposed to create this travel brochure, sending our teacher on this vacation. It's supposed to be fun, we have to list the appropriate attire, and we have to include the key points about the place we're sending her. At first I thought this would be a breeze, a easy assignment but I thought wrong. We had to pick at random and I picked up a card with Challenger (space shuttle). I don't know what to do because when I first asked her if I can send her to a place on the space shuttle she said to write about the space shuttle itself, but I went up to her today and she said I could only list it as a key point. I have no creativity at all, I don't know what to do. How am I supposed to make a travel brochure on the Challenger (space shuttle)? Please help me...

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    Send her on a vacation that INCLUDES the space shuttle taking off. And I should say this is my dream...but focus on the area of Florida that are near to Cape Epcot Center, Disney World and all the other stuff...beaches, water sports, dining, siteseeing etc. Watching the Space Shuttle take off would be a lifetime moment, nothing can compare to it here on Earth.

    Do this...make a folder from paper, add pics of these areas mentioned above from magazines..or find them on the internet and copy them. Under each photo write a discription of the place and hype it up. Put the shuttle on it taking off and still, put beaches, pics of disney world, epcot etc, the golf courses, villas, condos, sunshine, anything that would entice a person to want to go there. Show ppl hanging out in the sun and goofing off with their kids. It would be really cool if u could do a power point..that would flip her out. But if u cant just get some paper and find some pics to place on it. Make it 5 or 6 pages with pics and wording. Then make the shuttle one of the main features. Good luck

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    Go to the Microsoft template website, download a couple of templates and customize it. There are loads that you can choose from to download.

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