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Who in the world is Katie Price?

And why is she famous?

And why is she so freaking rich?

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    Katrina Amy Alexandria Alexis Price (born Infield on 22 May 1978),[1] also known as Jordan, is a former English glamour model, television personality and businesswoman. Her personal life is regularly featured in British tabloids and celebrity-based magazines.

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    She was first famous as alter-ego glamour model (cough, porn, cough) Jordan.

    Jordan did uk paper 'the sun's' page 3, presented uk pay subscription porn channel television x, then became a kiss and tell, (as in, slept with celebrities then sold the story to newspapers).

    After giving birth, she reinvented herself as the character Katie Price in the 2000s, based on her real name, and appeared on 'I'm a celebrity, get me out of here' reality tv show, where she met 90s singer Peter Andre. She then became a celebrity critic with her 'porn star converted to mother' persona, married Peter Andre, got a reality TV series contract, which was a 'no holds barred' look at her life and marriage. Together, the couple had a 7 digit salary to appear exclusively with OK magazine, although they earned revenue from other interviews for weekly gossip magazines, and (she'll hate me for saying this) ranked as a fall back plan when Jade Goody was being boring. Kerry Katona (also from I'm a celebrity) from Atomic Kitten is 3rd place when Katie and Peter are boring.

    Recently, Jade Goody's slow passing from cancer has dominated the headlines, so Katie/Peter's revenue has been down. Not that I'm hinting that their split and divorce is a publicity stunt, but it was a convenient time for them to do something drastic.

    The split is the 'death' of their characters, they are on the cover of every woman mag going atm, and it seems she has reverted to being called Jordan.

    However, noone is touching her with a ten foot pole PR wise, they all want Peter. Her agent dropped her, Max Clifford (Jade's agent) said no before she appraoched him, and someone else who she did approach also said no. Peter has been kept on by him and her agent.

    It's all very exciting. NOT

    Source(s): Even though the couple said they would like the press to respect their privacy through this sad time, every mag has a different 'EXCLUSIVE' interview slapped on it.
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