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Did Mel Gibson explain how a good Christian such as himself could get his mistress pregnant?

I didn't watch Leno last night, so all I heard was his lame octo-dad joke. I'm just curious if the man who gave us The Passion explained how his faith allowed this to happen.

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    he gets a free pass 'cause he has Jesus in his heart.

    Jesus in his heart and a mistress in his bed.

    (it ought to be a country song.)

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    Mel Gibson is a bigot and a hypocrite.


    A Special Message For Mel Gibson:

    April 16, 2009

    So the long suffering wife of actor Mel Gibson has finally had enough? After some two decades of putting up with his womanising ways, not to mention supporting him as he wrestled with a drink problem, she’s filed for divorce.

    On behalf of all Jews, may I just say: I hope she takes him to the cleaners!

    Mr Gibson, you may recall, has on several occasions been caught ranting and raving about how ‘jews are the cause of all the world’s problems’.

    Let us hope that the soon to be ex Mrs G gets herself a feisty Jewish attorney, and that said attorney will become the cause of all Mel’s problems in the near future. Poetic justice, don’t ya think…?

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    His faith regards the use of contraception as a sin, hence more babies and a thumbs down for believing such tripe, and not wearing a condom.

    As to the Passion, I think it would be William Wallace who will be turning in his grave! He portrayed a man who died for the love of his wife and the brutal extermination of his people, wonder if he will ever look back and regret what he has done?

    We all make mistakes it's true, but I can only hope he at least tries to make amends to his wife and children.

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    Every time I see Mel Gibson, I wish I could have a buzzer and push it and say, "wrong answer!"

    I think he's a lousy example of a supposed man of faith.

    He's the one who chose to break serious commandments by cheating on his wife and getting his girlfriend pregnant. Fail.

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    i dont have a tv to watch leno and all i heard too! was the snippet on the radio!

    i wondered how i could ever go to another Mel Gibson movie ever again!

    in mockery: crucify him!

    i questioned how his wife only filed for divorce last month! and yet the baby is being born Now...

    adultery is hard, i admit. so are alimony payment and dividing the estates. but Jesus DID say to the adulteress, "neither do i accuse you," go and sin no more.

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    I did have a chuckle when I found out he got his mistress pregnant because he built his own church on the principles of the "true" Roman Catholic church.

    The Church of the Holy Family is the church that Mel Gibson built and funds. So at least they can't kick him out.

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    I can't imagine he has an explanation other than he's given into sin. I certainly hope he does not try to justify his acts, and some how make them okay.He is a human being, subject as we all are to the temptations of sin. Sometimes we give in. He needs to work it out with God and those he has hurt.

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    First of all, Mr. Gibson, along with billions of other people, feel strongly, passionately and sincerely grateful toward the Greatest Man that ever walked the face of this earth throughout all of history and into all of Eternity. Mel Gibson did not claim to BE Jesus Christ. Mel Gibson did not claim to BE perfect. Mel Gibson did not claim to BE holier than thou, thee or anyone else. Mel Gibson made a movie about someone he respects, about a story that needs to be told over and over again.

    Mel Gibson made a movie. That's all. If anything, Mr. Gibson put himself in one of the most precarious of all roles in the entire movie. He was the hand that hammered a huge 1st century nail into the flesh and blood palm of Jesus Christ.

    Mel Gibson knows he is not perfect. God knows Mel Gibson is not perfect. That is why Jesus came to earth, to save us. Who needs the physician more? The perfectly healthy or the imperfectly healthy?

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    The man made a mistake, it happens, People make mistakes every day. Being a Christian doesn't mean that you are perfect. It means that you believe Jesus Christ is the Son of God and died for our sins. We are called upon to turn away from sin yes, but God does not expect perfection. It is certainly not your place to do so. In this world with so many and so much trying to pull us away from God, I am sure he understands that we are going to stumble and fall from time to time. The answer is to not just lay there and let Satan win, but get back up, ask for forgiveness and try to do better next time. Don't be so judgemental.

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    Shouldn't you already know that Hollywood is just as full of hypocrites as DC? Hollywood doesn't allow any sort of discussion on faith. Other than watching Jesus be tortured for 2 hours, that's as far as it goes.

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    Being a Christian doesn't make one perfect. Unfortunately this is an imperfection for many people, Christians and non-Christians alike.

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