Any good places left to go camping in Iowa for 4th of July weekend?

I've checked with both the Iowa DNR website and the Army Corps of Engineer's websites. Are there any good county ran parks that are near a lake that might still have a couple of openings for that weekend? I would prefer something near the center of Iowa. Do you know of any great "hole in the wall" place that very few people know about?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    I doubt any will be available for that weekend.

    Source(s): Backpacking Guide
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    1 decade ago

    Suggest you plan a tube float trip down a small river between two bridge crossings. Ten miles, for example, keeping an eye open for a deserted

    mid-stream island or confluence with a smaller outlet. Use Google Earth

    to fly over likely prospects so you can record geographic references to

    help you identify portions of river in advance of actual arrival. Don't bugger livestock, keep off posted private property, and pack out all litter / toilet waste. Two miles per hour is walking speed so figure the flow rate on arrival to do an estimate. Beware of wet weather surges. Beware of canals; these often carry agricultural toxins.

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