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Who are the best Offensive PG, SG, SF, PF and C of All Time?

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    PG - CP3 (at least I think he will end up as the best fantasy PG ever. 20+ pts. and 10+ ast. every year)

    SG - MJ (best player ever)

    SF - Oscar Robertson (Like LeBron, but played in a different/easier time period. Averaged a triple double a few years)

    PF - Barkley

    C - Wilt (just look up the numbers, they are absolutely ridiculous)

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    This is just offensively!!

    PG - Tiny Archibald (only player to ever lead the league in assists and scorring in the same season and he did it twice)

    SG - Jordan

    SF - Oscar Robertson (avg triple double for career)

    PF - Charles Barkley

    C - Wilt Chamberlain (avg of 50 points a game for a full season)

    I like the question, I had a little trouble with the PF Malone, Baylor and a lot of other players could go here. Oscar Robertson might have been a guard but whatever.

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