Is it bad to eat stale foods?

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Update : i'm not talking about meat or eggs or anything, that would be more
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  • pat z answered 5 years ago
It all depends on what the food is...and what you mean by "stale".
Stale bread makes excellent croutons. (You cube it, saute the cubes in a little oil and seasonings like garlic, soy sauce until they're crispy and there you go.) Put them in salad (like a Caesar salad) or soup. Yummy!
If there's anything gray-greenish, hairy and/ or moldy growing on your food (except, possibly, cheese which is aged with various molds), then I'd pass (put it in the trash or in your compost heap).
If you mean foods that are past their "sell-by date", there's usually a bit of leeway, and some foods keep longer than others, like yogurt, for instance.
However, when in doubt, throw it out.
It's not worth making yourself sick!


I make great croutons.
Stale chips just don't cut it with me but you might be able to "recycle" them as a topping for a baked casserole or some such.

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thanks for the ideas!
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  • JonDABOSS answered 5 years ago
    stale cheetos puffs rock .
    try em
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  • Andi M answered 5 years ago
    Depends on the food as to whether it will be "bad" for you. Most likely it won't hurt you if its just cereal or chips, but if its meat or eggs or products that contain them then yes they can be quite dangerous and make you sick. But its better to just not eat stale foods, why would you?
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