RE code of 4 given in error?

I was discharged in 06' with a RE code of 4 but never did anything illegal or immoral. Basically I had marital issues and psuhed to get out. Is it possible I recieved this code in error? Also is it possible to join the reserves with this code? My seperation code is JLK.


Also I was General discharge

Update 2:

OOPs i meant JFV

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    JLK - Unsanitary Habits

    RE 4 means you are not recommended for reenlistment. Your chances of coming back in are very slim.

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    RE-4 - Individuals separated from last period of service with a nonwaiverable disqualification (refer to AR 601-280). Ineligible for enlistment except as provided for in paragraphs 2-7c and 2-7d. (See waiverable moral and administrative disqualifications.) Disqualilication is nonwaivable.

    JLK - Unsanitary Habits

    Edit: I highly recommend entering the recruiting office in your bath robe and shower shoes with hygiene kit, 1 each, and Army issue brown towel, 1 each, in hand and make the recruiter watch you perform personal hygiene.

    This may go a LONG way in helping your cause.

    Edit2: JFV is only used by the Navy and USMC and is the code for a physical condition prohibiting military duties.

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    I had to look twice cause I really couldn't believe you are asking this.

    You got an RE4 and were discharged for unsanitary habits and want back in???? I don't even want to know what you did to get that...ACK!

    Sorry buddy with a RE4 you are ineligible to re enlist.

    You could get the paperwork from the VA to change your code. Let me warn you though it RARELY happens, and is a long process. You will have to prove the military screwed up. Good luck with that.

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    difficult success chum. The RE-4 skill you aren't to any extent further eligible for reenlistment because of any except Honorable Discharge. when I were given out of the army, i became given an Honorable Discharge with an RE-3R reenlistment code which I were given because i became considered a "discplinary situation". i'd have appealed to the choose recommend Generals place of work in New Orleans if I had ever had to reenlist, yet I not in any respect did, so i did not

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    you should have checked that with them then man. Its hard getting stuff changed this long after. Good luck.

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