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do these names sound like rich popular snobs?

Ok, so I need to write a story for English class for my last grade, and it’s a big one. It cant be any shorter than 50 pages, which is a D-. The topic for all the students is about an average student changing into a really rich popular snob. We have to have ourselves be the main character, and for my story my dad got transferred from where I live to Beverly Hills, California and I’m attending West Beverly High School. I’m basing a lot of what happens off the show 90210. Not everybody is having their character be in California, some people are having theirs living in the Upper East Side of Manhattan, some are having theirs live in the “gated” community of a town where they are better then everyone else not living in the gated community. Jenna Ashley is my actual name because we needed to be in the story.


Jenna Ashley(me), Amanda Taylor, Lauren Michelle, Tiffany Olivia, Kayla Marie, Rebecca Elizabeth, Natalie Alexa, Amber Savannah, Jasmine Danielle, Jessica Lynn, Ashley Nicole, Brittany Victoria, Adrianna Morgan, Emily Rachel, Nicole Alicia, Alexis Gabriella, Alyssa Brianna, Karina Hailey


Tyler Justin, Andrew Marcus, Brandon James, Ethan Michael, Jacob(Jake) Daniel, Ryan Christopher, Kyle Anthony, Jesse Andrew, Cody Ian, Joshua(Josh) Nicholas, Jonathan Michael, Bradley(Brad) Patrick, Eric Trevor, Zachary(Zach) Daniel, Jason Austin, Sean Alexander, Connor Matthew


suggestions of last names would be appreciated :)

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  • Amy
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    All of them do except:

    Lauren Michelle- all Laurens I know (including me) are sporty, but not snobby. Same with the Michelle I know

    Rebecca Elizabeth- old fashioned

    Emily Rachel- sounds normal, not snobby

    Eric Trevor- just sounds nerdy


    Victoria Rachel

    Courtney Celeste

    Cassie Elizabeth

    Dillon Ashton

    Last Names:













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  • Janet
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    4 years ago

    For the most part yes, but some of the names dont flow well: Lauren Michelle Tiffany Olivia Rebecca Elizabeth Amber Savannah Nicole Alicia Tyler Justin (Justin Tyler works a lot better) Andrew Marcus Jacob Daniel (Daniel Jacob works better, and he can be nicknamed DJ) Ryan Christopher (Christopher Ryan works better) Jesse Andrew Cody Ian Joshua Nicholas Bradley Patrick Jason Austin For the most part the first names work well, I would just either switch around the middle names or change them completely. For example: Bradley Jason and Joshua Cody. As for last names: Codwell Cowell Levitt Maguire Simplinski Orlando Cullum Griffith Ricci Shae Harvey Cheney Poss Morris Racanelli Eldridge Also, look into names from different nationalities. California is full of people from other countries particularly the Pacific Islands, China, Japan, Korea, and India. And a lot of the well to do families here fall under those nationalities. Some of the do have Americanized first names, but many second or third generation children will have names that fit their heritage.

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  • 1 decade ago

    sound snobby and rich and stuck up

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Yeah I think most of them do ! lol

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  • 1 decade ago

    yes they do

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