Why do my eyeglass lenses keep messing up? crazing?

So my glasses are being sent in for the 2nd time to be fixed. The lenses are Crizal Alize. The first time, i went shortly after receiving them to have my frames tightened. After getting them back, i noticed circular scratches on the lens and little cracks, apparently called crazing. I at first placed blame on the tech who was tightening them, but he said the coating was bad. So i got them back. After a week, i went in for tightening again. After getting them back, the same thing happened. There is a circular like spot of little cracks which blur the lens. He said coating is bad. I paid good money for them and they are supposed to be good lenses. Whats happening? Can it be that the tech is doing something wrong? or the lenses are just bad quality?

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    1 decade ago
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    You got me on this one. Crizal Alize is, in my opinion, the best anti reflective on the market. IF you are actually getting a Crizal Alize this doesn't make much sense to me either.

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    I have had the same problem. My first set of Crizal Alize lenses crazed so I got new ones and they also crazed within days. Apparently it may have to do w/ the rigidity of the outer coating being different than the lense. It seems this is brought on by heat (sauna, washing in warm water, oven, grilling, etc.) Of course it is not practical to remove your glasses to avoid heat. To me it seems the technology has moved backward. Alize is supposed to be a better coating than the regular Crizal. I had regular Crizal lenses for 4 years w/o any crazing or scratches.

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    Crazing Glasses

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    Mine do the same thing. Thank God I got the warranty on the lenses. I bought two pairs at my last visit and have taken both back twice. One pair is in my purse, waiting to go back for round three. I spent a fortune on these and love the frames but can't even wear them when I want to. Very frustrating. I will just go back to Wal-Mart next time for the cheap glasses that lasted me 7 years without any issues.

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  • 4 years ago

    you could desire to touch your state optometry board. They regulate optometrists. i think of there's a stable possibility what he has accomplished does not violate any board regulations although. it is been nicely-known prepare to not value to redo your glasses. whether this seems to be changing. Abusing contacts could make you very stressful to refract and could reason your refraction to shift. It does look lifelike that this shouldn't value him money. i'm rather confident that he won't value you to restoration the left lens. If it became into broken on the lab, they'll replace it at no value. whether he does not have faith you gained it from him in that situation, he ought to have the potential to interchange it below guarantee.

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