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Are the Refs NOT calling fouls on Cleavland because David Stern wants the Lakers and Cleavland in the Finals ?

After watching the game the other night it looks clearly that the Refs are again determining who gets to the finals. What makes that any better then them betting on the games ?


Shawn Its called hack a Howard

And for the other when Howard came behind James and blocked the shot he DIDN'T even touch James's head and Howard fouled out

They need instand replay for their calls

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    They keep calling bogus fouls on Dwight Howard, while LeBron can do pretty much whatever he wants and refs will let him. Did you see Dwight's block on LeBron's three point attempt the other night? Clean block, yet the refs gave their poster boy L James three freethrows. That's just one of many examples. David Stern is a disgrace. The NBA has become all about selling an image and mass marketing their poster boys to an ignorant public. I suggest you go on youtube and watch a series of videos entitled "The Greatest Tragedy in Sports". It shows in-depth what went on in the 2002 WCF Kings vs Lakers. Some examples are Divac getting called for a foul just because he had a pinky on Shaq's hand, Kobe elbowing Mike Bibby in the face, Shaq's foot over the free throw line numerous times, Samaki Walker's three pointer counting even though time had clearly run out, refs making up fouls that never occured and ignoring blatant fouls that would have gone against the Lakers. It's absolutely terrible and disgraceful what is going on in the NBA. What ever happened to integrity and fairness? David Stern and his corporate buddies threw all that out the window in favor of greed and corruption. I still watch the NBA, but sometimes it makes sick from seeing the injustices that are blatantly occuring in the NBA, just like Doug Christie said regarding game 6 of that Kings-Lakers series.

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    I don't know what game you were watching, but the refs called LeBron for a travel and two offensive fouls towards the end of the game (correct calls by the way) that essentially put the game away for the Magic. LeBron James 3 with 1 second remaining is the only thing that has kept the series from being 3-0 in favor of Orlando.

    J.R. Smith made an jump ball infraction that if it was called correctly would given the Lakers the possession instead they let the players play and the Nuggets ended up winning the game on the ensuing turnover by Trevor Ariza. Which could've made the Lakers up 3-1 instead of tied 2-2.

    Refs suck. They always do. But I highly doubt your conspiracy theory.

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    Believe me the NBA is a business forget Cleveland vs.Lakers....they want the series all to go to 7 games...look at the BS calls in the Denver/LA game really the Lakers should be up 3-1 but David "Mobbed Up" Stern wants to juice it for whats it worth. The Guy needs to be investigated/wired tapped AT ALL times!

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    Yeah fouls are not being called on Cleveland.


    Yeah, thought so...

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    Of course, dude! Where have you been?

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