Fishing reel - line capacity?

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I was wondering what the numbers 6lb/xxx yds 8lb/xx yds mean I guess that means line capacity right? I've read that using a heaver weighted line can damage your reel? I was more
Update : My question was about using a lower weighted line for the reel like more
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Using a heavier line wont damage your reel! PROVIDING that you set the drag to allow it to cope with the extra strain, should you catch a big fish on the heavier line.

Using lighter line isn't a problem, the only problem you might have is you need more line due to its low diameter.

If your just starting out casting don't overfill the spool(leave about 2-3mm from the rim of the spool) and use a heavier line, about 10lb test as its larger diameter gives you more control.

Also your correct that the 6lb/x means the amount of line that the reel can hold on average in yds(some lines differ in diameter even in the same breaking strain)

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answered my questions thanks!
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  • Tiburon answered 5 years ago
    There is no ill effect on your reel but 4lb line of course breaks much easier. I would be very very careful with that and set your drag very loose.Never put excessive amounts of line on any reel or you will regret it - it can get inside your reel and you have to take it apart and remove the line that got in there . There is no advantage to having that much more line on your reel.6 pound line is the smallest I have ever used and I lost many a trophy sized Bass.
    Fisherman for over 50 years
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  • AdamS answered 5 years ago
    yes that is what it is for. heavier and lighter line will not damage it. i regularly use 20lb line on 50wides for tuna and the reel actually works better
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  • willj20002000 answered 5 years ago
    i am orry but i am only a beginner so i dont know


    i dont have a sourse
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  • Matt answered 5 years ago
    Just make sure your drag is set other wise fish will break your line
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  • ? answered 5 years ago
    You are correct. Those are approximate capacities for the respective line ratings. I never fill a spool to capacity though, because you will most likely never use all of the line anyways. I've never had any problems using smaller line than rated, but have had issues with larger lines. Hope this helps.
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  • rotorhead answered 5 years ago
    You are correct. You should use the line recommended for your reel. If you think you need a heavier line, then you probably need a heavier reel.
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