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Will i grow any taller? How much taller (inches, cms)?

I am a male turning 16 in a 3 months and i want to know if i will grow any taller? My dad is 5'5, my mum is 4'10 and i'm 5'9.5. My weight is 70-72kg (jumps a lot from time to time since i was 14 and a half). I have a maintained diet (protein of 150g each day, 1200 mg of calcium, fair amounts of magnesium, potassium from bananas I love bananas :0, vitamins and minerals from my 4 serves and vegs and 3 serves of fruit each day) I play a lot of tennis...especially tennis comps and tournaments and i dance (krumping) a lot at dance & buck sessions and with friends on weekends. I also have a lot of muscle (especially in my shoulders and back mainly from tennis 4 times a week recreational... comps on fri, sat, sun, wed and krumping, on weekends and at also at school)

I started puberty at 13 and 4 mths EXACTLY when i had a growth spurt of 3-4 inches. My point is will i grow any more??? And if i do, could be possibly estimate by how much (inches or cms)?

Btw im half african american, half australian. And for the past 4 mths since summer (australian summer, i live in sydney), i have been having frequent aching knee pains (at least 3 times a week, esp before bed), night cramps and foot cramps...i havent had them since i was 14 and a half or so. are these symptons of a growth spurt?? and i have only grown half a cm or 1cm since i had these pains and cramps since summer.

WILL I GROW ANYMORE???? can u tell me from your personal experience of growing up and changing in puberty. im not demanding any answers i would just appreciate ur help.

Thank you everyone!!:::holla at me:::!!!

I really appreciate ur help!!

PS: sorry for writing for so long. I love you all. PEACE!! By the way both my parents were late bloomers. My dad grew around 4.5 inches 3 mths after his 16th birthday and my mum grew around 6 inches after her 14th birthday, which is late for a female.

I really want to grow taller to my desired height of 5'11 -6'1 so i can play tennis with greater ease since a taller height would be able to return balls easier. for eg. hitting bak a high bounce top spin groundstroke.

sorry for writing for so long. sorry for wasting ur time in reading my question. im very sorry :(

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    you'll probably grow anywhere from 1 to 3 in.

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    I am more than 6 feet tall buddy , but i wish i was a bit shorter its tough finding dates, in India your height is apt. Look at the bright side of it, dont have peer presuure spoil your life. You will grow till 23 and then it will stop , play basket ball, eat well , take lots of liquids with adequate sleep. - to increase height you need to sleep for 12 hours, DID U KNOW YOU GROW BY INCH EVERY NIGHT WHEN U SLEEP AND IT SHRINKS BACK BY THE END OF NIGHT. Do every activity in moderation. Try to appreciate and love your body whther u grow or remain at this height , It is u who matters to u , not others who view u.

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    Well based on your parents height you may have reached full height.

    BUT, the feet and leg pains are a real sign of more growth.

    My son grew about 3 inches after he was 18.

    Look at your parents and grandparents height on both sides of the family, that will give you a realistic idea of your final adult height.

    At your present height you are already taller than your parents.

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  • 1 decade ago

    WAY to much reading o.o

    But well it depends, since your mom & dad are short maybe not BUT since you are active in sports like tennis you might still grow like 1-4 inches more.

    ESPECIALLY if you play basket ball, why do you think all the basket ball players are tall O.O

    All that jumpin stretches out their bones & makes them grow taller.

    But to be honest NOT many girls like tall guys(Including me) so you should be happy with your height =D

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  • 1 decade ago

    depends on each persons. just pray for it.

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