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what was cultural influence in germany?


In 1938

Update 2:

In 1938

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    Your question WAS really vague, D-Brookz!

    I've just done a whole load of research that's not even relevant to the question anymore! Grr you but never mind.

    Here's the new stuff (i've deleted the old)



    1938 was when Hitler came to power...

    "During 1938 the regimentation of all cultural life in Germany was made even more stringent than it had been before. One of the many indications of this tendency was the arrest of Ernst Wiechert, a poet and one of the most famous German novelists, who had shown in previous years much sympathy for the National Socialist movement and who in 1934 had been honored by the National Socialist Government with the Wilhelm Raabe prize. Recently Wiechert was arrested because he had expressed sympathy for Pastor Niemöller by supporting the latter's family instead of giving to the National Socialist funds. In the German Universities many 'Aryan' professors who were suspected of not being entirely in agreement with all the developments and activities of the National Socialist Party have been dismissed.

    In the field of art the personal taste of Chancellor Hitler rules as dictatorially as in all other fields, and no painting, sculpture, or architecture is accepted which does not entirely conform to the new official canons of taste. Chancellor Hitler is especially interested in architecture and many far-reaching projects have been started, both as regards Party and public buildings in Munich. Nuremberg and Berlin, and as regards town-planning schemes for Berlin and other Great German cities. The architectural style followed in the present Reich is neo-classicism, with an emphasis upon grandiose effects of gigantic dimensions so as to make architecture expressive of the new myth of power dominating the present-day mentality in Germany. (See ARCHITECTURE AND HOUSING.)

    Particular attention was given during 1938 to the Hitler Youth Movement and to the education and training of future leaders who were to be educated exclusively by the Party and in the strictest Party spirit. At the end of the month of May a meeting of the Senior and Junior Leaders of the Hitler Youth Movement was organized in Weimar. There, 1,600 of them between eighteen and twenty-five years of age met, and in the opening speech the Senior leader stressed that among all these young leaders there should not be one who had a dissenting individual opinion on any important question. The Hitler Youth is strictly organized according to the military model. The smallest group is the Kameradschaft with 10 to 15 boys, several Kameradschafte form the Schar of about 50 boys, several Scharen form a Gefolgschaft, these again are merged into Unterbanne which correspond to brigades in the military formation, and the Unterbanne assemble into Banne which correspond to divisions in the army. In addition to these general formations corresponding to the general army, the Hitler Youth has its special formations of a youth navy, of a youth air force, and of a youth motor corps. All these groups meet in smaller or larger groups one afternoon every week for sports and military drill, and one evening for political education. Every month a whole Sunday is given to military exercises in the open. The training of the leaders of the Hitler Youth Movement is carried through in a large number of special schools for the Hitler Youth, erected everywhere in Germany and covering the land as densely as do the Youth Hostels of the Hitler Youth. Higher schools of this kind are based upon the principles which characterized the orders of the Teutonic Knights in the Middle Ages. They are known by a medieval name as Ordensburgen. Some of them are highly specialized, like the newly created schools to prepare leaders for the colonies which Germany hopes to regain in 1939."



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    Narrow the question down a bit dude. Don't know if you mean 2000 years ago or last month...

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