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sore ribs when coughing?

i get a sharp pain in my ribs and at the side of my back when i cough. is this significant ? what does it mean ? 10pts


i havent been coughing that much, but have hayfever symtopms

(i do not have hayfever)

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    I get this when I have been coughing for several days - basically you have strained these muscles from coughing so hard.

    If you don't cough that much and are having these issues - you probably need to see your doctor to rule out anything serious.

    Could check the "Web MD" sites to help with some diagnosis.

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    in the journey that your having no success with your surgeon, attempt going to A&E and tell them which you don`t experience that that's a classic cough ,and you desire a nearer examination to be sure in case you have a an infection of a few form. What have you ever obtain to lose ??? good success.

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    have you been coughing alot? this may cause your muscles to become sore, usually when I get a cold my sides hurt from coughing, if you've injured yourself in your rib or back area, the coughing may make it seem worse then it is,

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    It's probably the stress on the intercostal muscles that are located between your ribs. They are accessory muscles involved in coughing.

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    its just becuase u have been coughing too much

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