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Should Danielle Lloyd give up going out?

For the 2nd time in a month she has been attacked.

I wonder what happened to her shoes...?

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    Agree with Claire.

    For it to happen once in your life is unfortunate but for it to happen loads of times I would be asking is it something Im doing wrong?

    She comes across in a ''Im so much better than you ' kind of way when in fact she is only famous for getting her boobs out,being a two faced racist and shagging footballers.

    Hardly the kind of CV that makes her better than anyone!!

    I cant stand her and to ''other ' Steph-yes its wrong to laugh but I did

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    i do no longer think of she has a case. the super Brother bosses can arise with the money for a lot extra valuable illustration in courtroom if it does bypass that a ways, besides the shown fact that it probable wont, as they have an arguement it somewhat is extremely valid. they're going to easily tell her that the tutor did no longer objective to place every physique in a foul mild, besides the shown fact that it only used the finest ingredient that got here approximately on that day. additionally, on the top of the day, she suggested and did despite the fact that she suggested and did. they are in a position to edit the order of what comes out of her mouth, yet they are in a position to't invent lies.

  • I don't even know who that is! It shows what a great height of celebrity they have.

    I wonder what she said to bring that on? Or was it just another random thing? She would be better off getting a hobby.

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    The 25-year-old is shown lying sprawled on the pavement outside, shoeless and bloodied. So the usual pose then.

    She should be in bed too at 02:30 in the morning!

    What she did was an ABSOLUTE exception to her rules - she managed to lie on her back AND keep her legs shut simutaneously!

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    The shoes broke (13 inch heel = not very practical)

  • stacey
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    no danielle should go out and enjoy life

    she said some silly things thats all, there is no justification for any attack on her

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    She does attract alot of negative attention. But she may have provoked the attack although I don't justify it. Maybe she ought to learn to walk away BEFORE anything gets out of hand,

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    no.but she should be more selective to the places she go's.there are a lot of very jealous & bitter women who made nothing of their lives willing to attack people more successful than themselves.

  • Funny the photos probably don't show her being a gobby cow before hand or trying it on with some bloke whose girlfriend is there.

    Some people are attacked and it is through no fault of their own, but when it is happening on a regular basis maybe she should be looking at her own behaviour a bit more

    I am not saying that she deserved to be attacked and left in obvious pain. There are two sides to each story.

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    She should give up the partying not going out in general. Going out in night clubs gives attackers/ haters the opportunity to attack her.

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