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html codes colour font sizes ect?

ok well i want to lean a bit about html the thing is when i go on google it does not igive me the information i desire.

it tells me colour codes for htlm and html

but what i want to know ... is how to structure an htlm so i can write anything i want in any colour i want and size or font

like e.g. <html= type something here anything you want = html>

how do i get the html like that? so i cane start it and then write anything i want in the middle and then end the tag...

because everything i get it like

<a style="color:#80BFFF"> and when i add it to my chatango profile it doesn;t exactly work.

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    html is a structural language you need to follow the pattern to make it work properly.

    the best tutorial online for html is on w3school . I still use it for reference

    As far as your code is concerned it would be like this



    <h1 style="font-family:verdana">A heading</h1>

    <p style="font-family:courier new; color:red; font-size:20px;">A paragraph</p>



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    The first post was right. You need to follow a "pattern" in making html. I recommend also w3schools if you to learn HTML + CSS for layout.

    Good luck :)

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