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What is the most powerful nuclear weapon on earth?

Who has it? What is it's blast radius? What is it's incineration radius?

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    The Tsar Bomba is extremely powerful. Too powerful. Created by the Soviet Union in 1961, this hydrogen bomb was designed to have a blast radius of 100 megatons(of TNT). This was reduced to half, because of the nuclear fallout produced by bomb of 100 megatons radius- not to mention how impractically powerful even 50 megatons is. Even then, 50 megatons is ten times the amount of all the explosives used in World War II combined, including Little Boy and Fat Man, the bombs that destroyed Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

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    The Tsar Bomba, which was exploded by the USSR, had the highest megaton yield in history. It was exploded over an empty expanse of tundra in 1961; up to now it is the most powerful device ever detonated by man.

    It's 50 megaton payload has been the largest ever detonated, was visible (upon explosion) and felt nearly 1200 km away in Sweden and Finland, and created a mushroom cloud high enough to top Mt. Everest's height. The damage from the bomb was enormous to the ecology of the area; and small tremors could be felt throughout parts of Northern and Eastern Russia.

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    WE DO



    It doesn't matter, ask the people of Japan

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    the planet's core, and we all have it.

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